Bionic Bella

Regrettably, my girl Bella hurt herself. She hurt herself very badly indeed. It was so bad, she ended up having to have  three screws and a plate in her left elbow FOREVER (sob)…

What happened to my troublemaking princess was classic. She was playing with a bunch of puppies in our local park and took a tumble when their maniac chasing went a bit out of control. She gave an almighty yelp and froze on the spot while the rest carried on running. I tried to find out what was wrong with her and realised something horrible had happened to her left leg. While Bella whining away in a co-passenger’s seat, I drove to our local vet and they x-rayed her left elbow. Then, voila, the worst possible outcome, she fractured her elbow…

The vet referred her to a specialist veterinary clinic in Luton since the fracture was on a joint and would require a delicate reconstruction. Bella came home in splint and bandage with a bottle of painkiller. Oh my, what a night it was. The only way to comfort her was cradling her in my arms and as a result, Bella and I stayed up almost all night.

Next day, Hubbie drove us to the clinic and the journey was far from smooth. Tons of diversions thanks to London’s never ending roadworks, Bella deciding to poo on my lap, etc… It was a huge relief when we were greeted by a sympathetic smile at the clinic’s reception.

Alan, an orthopaedic surgeon who was to operate on Bella’s elbow explained what would be involved during the operation and possible risks which may occur. The risks were minimal yet he had to spell them out and I hated listening to it. Poor Bella was dozing off in my arm by then as she was utterly exhausted by the pain and the journey.

When we opened the door of our apartment, we found the space bare and lifeless. Without Bella, the place was not like home at all. ‘We felt the same way when Mr.B passed away, didn’t we?’ We nodded in agreement as we cradled mugs of tea in our hands.

The clinic and our local vet were brilliant. They updated us about her condition and it put our mind at rest. We missed her horribly but also knew she was in safe hands.

Now, she is home, wanting to come out of the pen and play…

‘Let me out! I’m ordering you!’

No, Bella. Alan told me that you have to stay in there during the first two weeks!

‘You are joking, right?’

I’m afraid not.

Will she demolish the pen so she can regain her freedom?

She started gnawing at a zipper. I hope she will get used to this semi-confinement soon.

Otherwise, I will run out of entertainments for her…

Look here! I’m already very very BORED!

In 12 days time, her stitch will be removed and she can be free from a lampshade which she hates so much…

At least, it is made of fabric not plastic, and therefore, it is a lot more comfortable for her. Let’s be patient for now and you will heal better and quicker, Bella!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

2 thoughts on “Bionic Bella

    • She is so mightily bored and I am running out of the trick and wit! After all, she is just a 4 months old puppy and it is crazy to expect her to behave like a sensible grown-up human. I shall do my best to make her happy😂

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