Recovery plan

Thank god, Bella is on the mend. She is already behaving like nothing has ever happened on her elbow. And this is precisely what Alan was cautioning us about when we first met him at the clinic. ‘Puppies are amazing. Once their injuries are fixed with plates and screws, they think “Yipee! I’m ok now!!” And they will start running around and jumping in no time. However, the plates and screws are yet to be fused into the bone, and therefore, we have to supervise their activities vigilantly’.

Bella finds her confinement not very agreeable…

Morning, princess!

No matter how many toys she has in there, it can never compensate for the loss of the freedom she once had…

She will have to be in the pen for the first four weeks…

The sheet given from the clinic when she was discharged spelt out exactly how her exercise should be managed. This week, she can walk on the short lead for 5 minutes up to 4 times a day. Then, the length of the walk will be increased to 10 minutes in the second and third week. During the following week, she can walk up to 15 minutes, and the fifth week, it will be extended to 20 minutes and so on.

I sometime join her in her pen so she doesn’t feel too left out…

It’s a bit of squeeze for me but Bella seems very grateful for company…

Hang in there, Bella…

You are doing the right thing. Stay away from troubles and get well very soon…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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