Heroes’ Welcome @ Trafalgar SQ 

Which season do I like the least? I was asking myself while jamming my feet into a pair of UGG boots as I clutched Bella under my arm. Ohhh, winter is coming and how much I am NOT looking forward to it!

Yes, winter does possess some beauties, such as frosty mornings or Christmas illuminations. However, the season does have its shortcomings.
1.Bugs. No, not bumble bees or ladybirds but the bugs which make us sneeze and cough.
2.Icy winds. With a dog in tow, I normally have to do alfresco dining, regardless of the seasons. Unless the eateries are canine-friendly or equipped with outdoor heating lamps, I have to don a big coat and brave the weather.
3. Grit. I appreciate that the salt prevents pavements from being slippery but I am weary of it because it is a chemical afterall and I don’t like my baby’s naked paws touching the stuff.
4. Snow in the city. A blanket of snow does temporarily cover up a multiple of sins littering the streets of London. However, too much of this white stuff causes havoc and paralyses the city every time it materialises. I would rather content myself with looking at an idyllic snowy landscape on a postcard than seeing the real stuff outside window. Especially Bella’s fractured elbow won’t be able to take too much stress for another couple of months, I am asking Mr.Santa a mild and short winter.

Before the weather turned cold and the clock went backward, I took fracture-free Bella to Trafalgar Square for witnessing the triumphant Team GB…

The parade of the previous day at Manchester looked amazing on TV and I thought the occasion might be great for Bella the puppy to experience loud noises and crowds.

Princess Bella’s lightsaver!

She found a piece of twig which was obviously too large for her frame. However, she seemed to be very proud of her find.

Then, very loud marching bands of Grenadier Guards and Coldstream Guards approached towards us…

Bella seemed to be a little perturbed by the sight of them but soon she diverted her attention to the twig she was busy gnawing.

Really? There is no parade today?! To my utter disappointment, I was informed by a steward with a high-visibility vest that there would be no Manchester-style open-top bus parade coming down The Mall. Instead, the athletes would be simply ferried to Buckingham Palace by coach.

We turned our heel to The Mall and headed back to the square…

The event was happening within a fenced area and the admission was limited to ticket holders only. The rest of us had to satisfy ourselves with a giant screen erected in front of the Nelson’s Column. However, the traffic around the square was suspended for the duration of the occasion so the atmosphere was happy and celebratory…

Are you enjoying it too, Bella?

She switched her attention to a flyer for Coca Cola from the twig. I pondered if we should hang around until the event was over and decided against it. Bella was still a tiny pup and I didn’t want her to be squeezed in a crowded carriage.

Oh Bella, why do you have to be holed up inside? This autumn was meant to be your very very first autumn of your life!! I am so sad…(sob)

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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