Since Bella joined our life, everyday is filled with the sound of laughters and gasps again. She brings us so much joy and happiness which is the best antidote for the sadness we still feel towards our cherished Mr.B’s passing.

Coming down to Bella’s way of viewing her home…

However the place is in a mess from my viewpoint…

Then, I found a solution at my favourite website MONOQI

A giant Lego brick storage!

I can put away all the clutters in the box…

Why are you taking away all of my treasures from me?

Ok, you can play with the packaging…

Bella loves nothing more than destroying things. A joy on her furry face when she is ripping and shredding cardboards is heartwarming to watch.

However it always ends up like this…

Please recover quickly, sweetie. I miss you being well and cluttering the place like a little tornado…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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