On B3212

B3212, a road which connected between Two Bridges and Lettaford, was quite a scenic drive. Undulating terrain of Dartmoor, which was covered by fern and heath in a various shades of rusty red and forest green, was otherworldly and magical…

The images can’t do any justice to the actual spectacles unfolding in front of us then!

Hubbie was behind the wheel and he drove me crazy by rubbernecking all the time…

‘Pull over if you wanna look for another spot to take photos!’ What happens if our car rolls over and crashes? We have no mobile reception in the moor and how we gonna raise the alarm?! I huffed.

How long did it take for shepherds and farmers to create those granite walls…

As we came nearer to Lettaford, the landscape changed from a rugged one to more cultivated…

A slight drawback of holidaying in a remote wilderness like Dartmoor was that there wouldn’t be many places one could drop in for a quick grab. We decided to go back to The Chapel for a simple lunch of soup and bread…

After finishing off our lunch with a mug of tea and mince pies, he headed out again to shop some food for the next two days at Tavistock…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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