Mama Piggy

‘We met piglets!’ Hubbie informed me as he returned from Bella’s “spend a penny or two” tour. ‘Piglets! Where?!’ I was all excited about meeting them. ‘They were in a field behind us!’, he answered as he scraped off the mud from his boots.

After finishing my breakfast, I went out to see the piglets. ‘Oh, where are they?’ To my disappointment, I found them no longer running around the field but being all cozy in a shed with their mum.

Feeling dejected but I decided to call out for them. ‘Hello!’ Guess what happened next…

Their mum, Mama Piggy, came out to greet me! She made a beeline for me to say hello too…

Hello, you! She seemed very curious about me. I thought about offering her an apple but then I decided against it as she was still breast feeding and being fed from a stranger may not be a good thing.

Her body was magnificent. Truly an embodiment of Mother Nature…

Then, I heard the leaves rustling.
Hey, there was another pig! It was emerging from behind the trees…

Are you a papa of those piglets?

Later on, I had a glimpse of the family…

They were trailing behind Mama Piggy like baby ducklings. They were so tiny! Are they really gonna grow as big as their mum?! They would eventually but it was difficult to imagine from their teeny-weeny size…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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