Dartmoor longhouse

Across a green, there was another property, owned and run by the Landmark Trust, called Sanders…

This oblong building had a long history…

Sanders is believed to be the oldest and the least modified from the original farmhouse constructed in the style of Dartmoor longhouse around Lettaford.

Dartmoor longhouse is a type of stone building which was once prevalence around the uplands of Devon, Cornwall and Wales. The most notable feature of the design is that the oblong structure was split in half, one half was occupied by humans and the rest was used to house their livestock. The benefit of living with livestock, especially cows, under a single roof was immence during the Dartmoor’s hard winter. Instead of having to venture out to the field everytime the farmers wanted to milk the cows, they could do so from the comfort of their own home.

The name Lettaford first appeared on an Assizes record in 1247 and Sanders may have been existed by then already. (An Assizes record is a record of the periodic court established by King Henry II in the 12th century). The location of the hamlet of Lettaford speaks for the origin of its name – it means “the clear ford”. The ford still flows and supplies all the water for the farmsteads.

No one know how and when the community was born in the hollow but it was likely that they found a sheltering landscape and an abundance of water supply favourable to settling in…

These sceneries probably hadn’t changed since the medieval time. How about that. I was impressed.

Bella was also setting in nicely in the comfort of hollow between Hubbie’s legs…

It’s always lovely to snuggle up to the person you love, isn’t it?

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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