Stealthily thin?

It will be another month of patience and she will be freed from her jail! Yes, 4 weeks have passed since Bella underwent an operation to fix her broken elbow, and after 4 more weeks of convalescence, she should be able to run and jump as she used to.

From the third week, Hubbie and I decided to give her a larger enclosure (2m x 1m) to play while she was indoor.

At first, she was excited about having a little more room to stretch her legs. But soon, she started asking for more…

Let me out, PLEASE!!

With her Mongolian sheep-like puppy fur, Bella does look very plump.

However, l found that it was just an illusion when she pulled off a jailbreak recently. One evening, I was preparing her treat in the kitchen area and Hubbie was playing with her in a pen. ‘Oh shit! She is out!!’ Hubbie gave a cry of dismay, and next moment, I found Bella by my feet, begging for a treat. The width of timber balustrade was a mere 7cm, yet, she managed to squeeze through it? Our jaws were dropped to the floor…

Bella, you shouldn’t be doing that…

She now knows what not to do. Upon hearing a firm ‘No!’, she pulls her head back at lightning speed. Still, there is always a possibility that she will escape from the pen and do something silly to the elbow. What should we do!!!

So I have to be her cell mate. I’m in a jail too…

And enjoying our excursion together to a bathroom…



My poor hair brush. Hope you will survive her iron jaw…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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