Another Bella bomb has exploded!

Her body may be small but the power of causing collateral damage is immense. Oh Bella, who’s gonna pick up the pieces?

She had her post operation X-ray done yesterday and the result seemed to be very positive. The vet informed me over the phone that the fracture on the joint was almost mended. Oh I can’t tell you how I relieved I was! I just want my Bella back who can run and jump as her heart wishes. It is so tempting to give in to her pleading eyes every time she begs for being let out from the pen. However, I must steel myself so we will properly observe a doctor’s note and not jeopardise her recovery.

Another 4 weeks, baby. Then, you will earn your total freedom!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

3 thoughts on “Detonation

  1. Ahhh – poor little cutie. My sister (who lives next door to me) has 3 little Yorkies and we’ve seen 2 litters of puppies from her little girlies this year.. It was a ‘puppy fest’ – they were totally adorable.. (there’s some pics on my blog somewhere.) Little Bella looks like a real cutie and I hope she’s back to running round very soon.. x

    • Thank you, Wendy! I grew up with 2 yorkie but they were not as energetic as Bella. She is like a rocket! “Half measures” does not exist in Bella’s dictionary😭 The surgeon told us that she should be able to resume a normal life after 3 weeks. I can hardly wait because I’m so tired of being her jailer, her cell mate, her babysitter, etc. Entertaining a boisterous puppy is so stressful…😫x

      • Yikes – I can imagine… At one point my sister had 13 dogs in the house – Can you imagine…Yikes. The pups have all gone to lovely homes though now.. Phew! x I’m sure Bella will be up and ‘running’ very soon! x

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