Middle Temple

Always, one step away from the past.

That was what I thought when I stumbled into Middle Temple Lane by accident one day. Bella pulled me into the street as she followed some scent (fox’s may be?) and as she dragged me further down the narrow street, I discovered another facet of London which I never knew it existed.

Middle Lane Street is on your right, next to The Fleet Street Press Coffee…

It was amazing to realise that perpetually busy Fleet Street was a stone’s throw, yet, the air hang above Middle Temple Lane was so calm and orderly…

The place was far from deserted as every window of the buildings was brightly lit and squares which used as a car park were brimful of cars.

However, the area was so quiet as someone had hushed the entire place up.

Welcome to The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, more commonly known simply as Middle Temple…

Middle Temple is in the heart of the legal district of London, where, historically and presently, is the prominent centre of English law. The name of the area is derived from being in the close vicinity of Temple Church, from where the famous Magna Carta was reluctantly issued by King John in 1215. The church was originally built by the notorious Knights Templar as their headquarters, and the place  was closely related to a few Plantagenet royalties.

OMG, this place is dripping with history! It’s so my kind of place!! I was trembling with excitement. Then, I realised that I was with Bella the Pup who probably wouldn’t be welcomed by the church. Oh well, some another time I shall come back alone…

Most of the entrances to the buildings were adorned with the nameplates of QC (Queen’s Counsel) and barristers…

Time to time, flurries of activities broke the silence. Smartly dressed young people whispering and scattering autumn leaves under their feet as they pushed archive boxes laden on two wheel dollies, and disappeared towards the direction of the Royal Courts of Justice near by.

Soon, the leaves settled and the quietness returned to the square…

Do dogs live in Middle Temple?

A sign was there to forbid Bella from entering Inner Temple Gardens. Oh well, never mind.

Row after row of beautifully maintained buildings…

The place was just great to amble around. The scenery in front of me probably hasn’t changed much since the 17th century, I marvelled. The thought made me want to take up the famous diary of Samuel Pepys, which I abandoned halfway through, once again. Am I seeing what he saw? The idea truly excited me.

There was another place I would love to visit one day…

The Royal Courts of Justice, commonly called the Law Courts. Obviously, not for the wrong reason though. I definitely don’t want be in their dock!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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