Sushi Socks @ SCP

A few days ago, Bella and I were at one of our favourite shop in our neighbourhood, SCP, on Curtain Road…

We were there to report to them that a FLOS floor lamp, which they repaired for us, was working beautifully and to express our gratitude for their help. They managed to resuscitate our favourite lamp which started to flash like a pulsar before its death. Despite the fact that the lamp was bought from them more than 10 years ago, instead of turning me away, stating that the warrenty had run out ages ago, they took it in, sourced the part for the repair and in the end, they asked for the cost of the part only and not a penny for their labour. I was truly touched by their kindness. Retailers such as SCP may not offer a large discount like those online only stores, however, their knowledge and care they dispense on site face to face is so valuable, and in the long run, the price paid at such outlet will worth every penny.

Bella loves to visit the shop too as they always make a big fuss over her…

Bella the Diva lives on being the centre of attention.

The shop floor was so Christmassy. Everywhere I turned, I could find exquisitely dressed shelves and tables with a full of ideas for a stylish and modern seasonal celebration.

‘Do you have a Christmas light which doesn’t need any outside power?’ This year’s window dressing will have to be Bella-proofed as she will pull down everything which her little teeth can reach. ‘Oh yeah, I see your problem. But we only have lights with plugs.’ Oh well, I have to borrow Heza’s brain when I see him later.

As Bella and I strolled between the display tables and cabinets, we bumped into hilarious gifts on sale…

Are they sushi?! Yes, they are Sushi Socks!

These socks are witty stocking fillers, aren’t they? However, they are not one of those cheap & nasty kinds which normally bought for “a bit of laugh on Christmas Day”…

Those realistic graphics are not digitally printed onto the fabric, but instead, they are knitted into the materials, using coloured threads for comfort and durability. How about that?

All those bautiful Modermist furniture, how much I salivate over them every time I visit this shop…

You know what, I shall buy a large townhouse and fill it with all the modern classics I can buy if I win a lottery. And most of the furniture and lightings will be coming from SCP!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

5 thoughts on “Sushi Socks @ SCP

  1. OMG! Believe or not, I actually LOVE getting funky socks as Christmas presents. I ask for them every year!!!! Got some quirky Anime ones from my in-laws last year. They were a bit Sailor Moon style. Haha!

    • Haha-, Sailor Moon style? They are knee high with or without stripes? I don’t think I can buy any fancy socks until Bella grows a little older as anything on my feet is her next target /toy…😭

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