Saturday Market

Brrrrrrrrr! It was C•O•L•D!! It was totally stupid that I decided to don a pair of Vans on my bare feet instead of Uggs when I left for Broadway Market with Bella this afternoon. A huge mistake. It was freezing out there, and my feet became as icy as a tomb as I ambled around the market stalls.

Best Saturday street market in London has to be Broadway Market (in my opinion)…

A busy street and a hyper active puppy, they never got on very well. While Bella letting her displeasure known by wriggling in my arm like an eel, I dodged and shimmied through the section of the market which was extra congested with the people who were queuing for their lunch. In a two weeks time, Bella would be given the green light I had been praying for, and I definitely didn’t want to run a risk of her being stepped on or kicked by passers-by.

In the shade, the temperature nosedived and my socks-less toe felt the plunge most acutely…

How can Bella walk on this cold pavement without shoes?!

We took refuge in TIOSK for warmth and lunch. I ordered Matcha latte with a acai and chia detox pot…

As I munched on my lunch, I struck up a conversation with a German mom and son duo who were also visiting the market. Our small talk soon developed into a more serious discussion concerning the future of Britain and Europe after Brexit. You see, the beauty of living in a multicultural city like London is the ease of meeting people from all over the world and being able to share ideas and values. If this free-flow of talent and knowledge can not be allowed because of the bigotry and prejudice which bore a monster like Brexit, will London be as wonderful as it always has been?

A guy was strumming Michael Jackson…

Christmas decorations around the market kept on reminding what would have to be sorted rather urgently…

Cord-less Christmas lightings to be sourced and gifts for mom to be sent to Japan before the post office becomes busy, etc.

Time to head home was getting nearer as the shadows casted by the winter sun were getting increasingly longer …

While we were walking towards Hackney Road, Bella found something extremely seductive just inside Haggerston Park…

Look, Bella. I am cold and bored. Can we go now?

A Christmas fair at Hackney City Farm next Saturday? Yay! We are coming together, aren’t we, Bella?

Bella and I on Columbia Road…

Saturday on Columbia street was a quiet affair. However, all the shops along the street were open and I managed to buy a few more gifts for mom.

We may come back to the street again next Wednesday as they will be holding a special late shopping night…

We saw a Santa on one of the balconies of a housing block…

We bumped into a beagle puppy on Hackney Road. As Bella and the 8 months old puppy happily acquainted each other, the owner and I chatted about our charges’ health scare stories. Apparently, his puppy ate 11 tablets of paracetamol and ended up being put on a drip for 4 days! Oh my word, Bella’s stunt sounded rather tame comparing with his…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

7 thoughts on “Saturday Market

  1. Bella is looking very cute and looks as though she is definitely ‘on the mend’.. fab! The market does look great – I’ve never seen a shop offering to teach you crochet and knitting etc.. how unique.. Enjoy your Xmas fair next Saturday! x

    • Hi Wendy! Broadway Market is probably the most friendly weekend market in London. They offer loads of yummy food & drink and also many genuinely hand-crafted gifts. There are a few craft shops in London where they offer knotting classes. It’s great to meet new people there in the evening or weekend while doing a stitch & bitch!😊x

  2. Low sunlight and a wee doggie is a fabulous combination – a moment when she paused for a micro-second I guess! Oh the beagle puppy, you’d have thought that paracetamol would have tasted so bitter he’d have stopped immediately and vomited it all back.

    • Oh thank you, Agnes! I had to shoot a few snaps before I managed to capture the image. Bella does respond very well when she is called normally. So it did help.
      About the beagle puppy, it’s astonishing, isn’t it? I mean overdosing on paracetamol can be fatal. Do you remember the news some years ago about a woman overdosed by mistake? She was treated, like washing out her stomach, etc) but they couldn’t save her in the end. Maybe he was a puppy and because of it, he pulled through it as Bella is recovering from her fracture very quickly.

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