Busy busy Sunday 

It’s gonna be even busier towards Christmas, I sighed as I squeezed myself into a crowded tube carriage at Euston. Generally, I avoided Oxford Street and its vicinity in weekend like the plague. However, my routine had altered significantly ever since Bella joined our family. And having to travel to the area during the busiest (and probably most unpleasant) time had become one of those changes I had to contend with.

Just before noon at Regent Street…

Shoppers were already milling around in front of the stores and waiting for the doors to open. The largest crowd-puller seemed to be the recently re-opened Apple Store as they were to launch a new MacBook that afternoon. There were two prominent queues already established from both directions, north and south. Apple do know how to make money, don’t they?

The reason why I had to visit the extra busy west end on Sunday was because I had to have a monthly maintenance of hair and nail done at the salon off Regent Street. As Bella the Puppy couldn’t be left on her own for too long, I needed Hubbie to be at home and babysitting Bella, therefore, the trip had to be done during weekend.

Since the worry about Bella was out of the way, maybe I could run a few errands, that was what I was thinking as my fingers flicked through the pages of the magazine resting on my knee. I wanted to try on a new pair of jeans and a Nars lipstick at Liberty. No matter how sophisticated and detailed web browsers and smartphone apps may become, nothing can surpass visiting the real shops, can’t it?

Eventually, I emerged from the salon around three o’clock with shorter hair and my nails spick and span. Chilly air smacked my cheeks as I made my way towards Regent Street, and I stopped at the junction. Gee, am I really going through this? The crowd on the street were decidedly larger than the last time I saw them a few hours ago. All the plans I made at the salon were soon elbowed out of my head as I started to imagine how it would be like, like having to wait in a queue for a changing room, being frustrated by the lack of attention from busy shop assistants and enduring a tube journey even busier than a weekday’s rush hour, etc… Oh, I can’t be arsed! So, I headed home empty-handed.

When I got home, Hubbie was watching a football match on TV, and Bella was having a nap. ‘Was she a good girl?’ ‘Yup, she was.’ He answered half-heartedly as his gaze was firmly fixed to the TV. I scratched Bella’s plump tummy and felt glad that I was home. Oh well, I will have to shop locally and online until Christmas and Boxing Day Sale are over…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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