The Pet Spa

‘I’m afraid but you will have to buy her a jumper.’
A groomer who assessed Bella’s coat delivered her verdict apologetically.

‘You see here? They are completely matted and causing her discomfort. Shampooing alone doesn’t do anything. Shaving or doing nothing. I’m afraid but there is no alternative.’ Oh nooooo, she will has to be shaved?! I was hoping that they might have some miracle tricks up their sleeve as The Pet Spa was one of the best dog grooming parlours in London.

While Hubbie found Bella’s “one-shoulder” look ridiculous, I really liked the look of her wild puppy coat and would be very sad if she had to lose it. ‘Don’t you think it looks really rock ‘n’ roll? Her coat is like one of those shaggy sheep skin coats worn by glam rockers!’

I should have been giving her a daily grooming but I couldn’t do it while she was recovering from the fractured elbow. Plus, the area where the vet used swabs during the operation ended up making a part of the coat as solid as felt.

Oh Bella, how I wish if you didn’t have the tumble!

Last chance to see Bella the Shaggy…

The Pet Spa was located on Fulham Road, a stone’s throw from Chelsea Westminster Hospital. It shared the entrance with a hair salon, The Chelsea Chair…

Then, we climbed down the stairs to the spa in the basement…

We arrived a little too early for our appointment but a receptionist received us warmly…

Soon, a groomer, who was to take care of Bella today, appeared, and the aforementioned conversation followed. As much as I missed Bella’s puppy coat, for Bella’s welfare’s sake, I had to bite the bullet and give the groomer the green light to shave her.

Bella with Ria the groomer. She was still unaware of the fate then…

The following is a few images of the reception area at the spa. They sell selected grooming products, toys and treats for dogs and cats…

It was reassuring to see their trophies and certificates on display…

Since I was trusting my precious puppy, the place had to be top-notch.

I was told to come back after two hours, and it was rather cold outside. I walked up and down the street and decided to kill my time at Gail’s.

Today’s my lunch is a sausage roll and latte…

Their sausage roll was as meaty and delectable as usual. I started writing today’s blog entry as I nibbled on the pastry and sipped the latte.

Then, came three o’clock and I walked back to the salon with some apprehension.

The first dog brought out by Ria was not Bella but a Shih Tzu. He was given an amazing haircut and looked absolutely gorgeous. Oh wow! I was in awe.

Then, she brought out my Bella.

Oh my word, she has shrunk! She looked T•I•N•Y!!
However, once the initial shock receded, I could see Ria did a great job for Bella. She smelt divine and looked neat. ‘How long does it usually take Yorkie’s coat to grow back?’ I was desperate to know how long I would have to wait before Bella would get her teddy bear look back. ‘In about three months time?’ Ria replied. Ohhh, that will be the longest three month for me, I groaned.

On the way home, I dropped in a pet boutique and bought Bella a coat as I was worried if she may have caught chill without her puppy fur.

The coat was perfect size-wise but way too plain for my liking. Still, it kept hair-less Bella warm during the journey home, therefore, I shan’t complain.

Bella seemed to be too shattered to be inquisitive and slept in my arm all the way home…

I don’t blame you, Bella. It must have been more than a full-on experience for you today…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

4 thoughts on “The Pet Spa

  1. Oh yes – it is such a shock to see how tiny they are without most of their fur, but sometimes ‘the shave’ is the only answer. Upside – she looks very smart in her new winter coat. 😍

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