The aftermath…

Ok, you will be the judge. This is how Bella looks this morning…

Isn’t she skinny? I still can’t get used to her new look. Especially, the thinness of the back legs, I just can’t get over it.

It seems Bella can’t get used to her new self either. She is not so self-conscious while she is indoors. However, she acts very erratically once she is out of our building. Like one of those unfortunate hotel guests, who manage to lock themselves out of their room with only a bath towel to cover their otherwise naked bodies, she looks around nervously and pussyfoots the pavement while hugging the wall really close like a spy. Her usual extrovert self seems to have vanished with her shaggy unruly puppy coat. Oh no, what’s wrong, Bella?! She is also jumpy and weary to all the noises which used to mean nothing to her.

Bella’s bad hair day…

I feel for you, Bella.

Hubbie too was shocked by her appearance when he came home last night. He cuddled her in his arms and smiled wearily, ‘At least, she smells nice.’ Oh well, that’s a good thing.

I also bought her a new toy when we hastily chose the coat yesterday. A fluorescent green bird is added to her toy collection…

She loves it!

Bella is venting out her frustration on the toy…


I imagine that fur for dogs isn’t just the furry stuff which cover their bodies but it is a vital part of dogs’ sensory systems. By losing it by being shaved, Bella’s skin must feel extra sensitive, and it is freaking her out. Even I notice a definite change in my balance by putting a thin plaster on my toe when I walk. It is because we all have these “it should be normally…”memories in our brain, and we get confused if these memories conflict with the new sensations. Poor Bella went through this drastic change without any prior knewledge or consent. No wonder she is unsettled and upset.

Apparently, she wants to be left alone today. I guess she is trying to make sense out of all the things happened on her yesterday…

I sincerely hope that she will snap out of her gloom soon and play with me like her old self, chasing a lead like a lunatic, and run up to anyone and any dog to say her hi…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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