Bella is still not entirely herself.

It may be to do with this damp weather of today. She is definitely subdued and more reflective. All day, she has been resting her furry chin on the edge of her doggie bed and gazing into the distance or curling up tight like a cinnamon bun. Oh baby, I hate to see you behaving like that.

Her mood improved slightly when I took her out late last night for her “spend-a-penny” tour. We found a piece of nylon cord on the street, which must have been discarded from one of the offices nearby, and decided to play with it. Bella always loves chasing after moving objects on the street, and she reacted to the nylon cord exactly as I expected. Like a bull charging the red rag, she started to run after it. She looked so joyful and happy! In the end, we danced with the nylon cord on a deserted side street under the street lamp for more than 15 minutes. Bella was still a five months old pup with loads of energy. Yet, she had to be locked up in a pen, and now, she had to put on a cumbersome winter coat every time she ventured out. It was indeed a lot to put up with.

Chin up, sweetie…

Your hair is growing out as I speak. Every day, it will get longer. And before we know it, you will be a Yorkie with the most gorgeous coat…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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