Keeping her warm…

I think Bella is finally coming out of her shell.

Instead of behaving like a “too-good-to-be-true” kind of puppy like this…

Awwww, what an angel…

She was like this, this morning…

Ugh, what a pain in the a** you are, Bella!

Yes, Bella in full throttle mode can be a bit of nightmare to live with. However, I am very very happy to know that she has put her “bad hair day” behind and returned to be her usual gung-ho self. Cleaning up the mess is absolutely nothing comparing with having to cheer her up when she is so depressed like the past few days. It’s ok, sweetie. Carry on!

However, for Bella, losing her coat in the middle of winter is very unfortunate. Even though I am not into dressing up dogs generally, she will need to wear something to protect herself from the elements until her coat grows back.

These were all she had in her closet until this afternoon…

The tweed one on the right was bought at Pet London on Wigmore Street prior to our holiday in Dartmoor last month. The inside is lined with faux fur which makes this coat very warm.

The black one on the left, which reminded me a motorcycle courier, was the one I ended up buying on that fateful Tuesday for just covering her “naked” back. The shop we dropped in had a variety of coats but none of them except this one appeared to fit her frame. However, the problem with the coat became apparent as we started to walk home. It turned out that Bella was too skinny for the coat and one of her forelegs kept on coming loose from an arm hole where it should have been. Oh dear, we will have to wait until she is a little chubbier…

On a platform at Notting Hill Gate, on our way to Purplebone the pet boutique…

At the boutique, we managed to find what we both liked. A light fleece coat which was also reversible…

Bella seemed to be not minding it much when I tried the coat on her at the shop. I showed the coat to Hubbie when he came home this evening and he loved it too because it was simple and modern but also very cute.

There are never too many coat for a girl like Bella, aren’t there?

Oh well, let’s look for another one in Boxing Day sale, shall we?

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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