Patching it up

It is absolutely nothing like the flood which brought misery to the people around Camden Passage, but we were also on receiving end of the water which caused havoc during last May.

It took months to sort out the repair cost with the upstairs’ insurer, but finally, we received the cheque.

Our water-damaged ceiling…

The damage is not very obvious in the photo, but there were a few beige stains here and there. A seam of the lining from where the leak came down the hardest, was peeling off.

Nadim the decorator, hard at work…

He stuck the lining back to the ceiling and applied a fresh coat of paint. He did a good job, and the ceiling looked great.

Bella spent her day in a smaller pen…

She displayed some interest when the decorator started to lay dust sheets, but soon she curled up in her bed and stayed there all afternoon.

Another repair work needs to be done is restoring our stained floor. This, we will have to wait until the summer. The work involved will be stripping off the existing damaged wax from the floor and then laying down a fresh layer of wax. Sounds simple, but it is far from it in reality. Our floor is seamless throughout the apartment except the bathrooms’. That means the entire floor will have to be treated in order to avoid a patch-work effect. All the furniture will have to be removed while the contractor works and the flat will be out of bound for at least a day or more as the wax will have to dry. If not enough time is given for the wax to solidify, the floor will be marked. That is something we want to avoid at all cost. One thing which will help us greatly is warm and dry weather. If we can leave all the windows open and give good ventilation to the floor, the wax will set faster, and we can get back into the apartment sooner.

We will have to move out for a few days, Bella…

A new adventure?! Yay!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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