Born free!

Bella has been released from her confinement, and she is over the moon! She is running around with a ball and chasing after us like nothing has ever happened.

Over the past 8 weeks, Hubbie and I endlessly talked about the moment we were to open the door of her pen and to see her reaction towards suddenly presented freedom. Will she freak out?

Then came last Monday, It was Bella’s D-Day, and the latch of her pen was finally lifted. ‘Bella, come!’, we called her. But she hesitated like she was confused by the sudden change of the situation. She stared at our faces and the wide flung gate quizzically. ‘Are you sure I am allowed?’ Then, she leapt over the threshold like jumping over a paddle. Our Bella was free, EVENTUALLY!

During the past 8 weeks, Bella and I stuck together and the experience bonded us like a glue as we ended up in each other’s company far longer than normal. But I must admit that being home alone with beloved Bella was not always blissful. As she started to recover and to behave like a boisterous puppy, my worries were manifold. Sometimes, she hurtled herself inside the pen like a bullet, and it worried me sick. She was only trying to extinguish her excess energy, but I was worried if too much stress on her elbow could loosen the screws and the plate inside. Or my heart ached when I saw her looking so miserable behind the bars. Her pleading look was heartbreaking, and I ended up sitting with her inside the pen for hours until my legs and bum couldn’t feel a thing because of poor circulation. Another thing I found especially tough was the sense of isolation I felt throughout the period. Looking after her = keeping her out of mischief, was my first priority. Therefore, I couldn’t engage in my knitting as it would require 100% of my attention. As a result, I ended up watching TV like a zombie and fiddling with my iPhone all day long. The sense of FOMO was killing me!

Now, she is savouring every drop of freedom like any 5 months old pup does…

Even though there were sweet moments I would cherish forever during the 8 weeks, I am so happy it is all behind me. Let’s cross our fingers so Bella will stay out of troubles!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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