Blame it on…

I did not sleep very well last night. Halfway through the night, I just became semi-awake and then started to think about poor George Michael. A sentence “George Michael has died” flickered like a neon sign in my sleepy head but I was powerless to switch it off. Hubbie, who was lying next to me, was turning and tossing like he was also having trouble sleeping. Eventually, I drifted back to sleep somehow and did not awake again until Hubbie brought me a mug of tea about 9 o’clock. ‘Did you have a good night sleep?’ I asked him as he climbed back into the bed. ‘No, I had a terrible night.’ ‘Me too!’ Then, we agreed the mulled wine we drank at the Eagle last night was to blame for our troubled sleep.  ‘Let’s not have any booze tonight’, Hubbie suggested, and I agreed wholeheartedly.

The BGMs of my yesterday morning was all by George Michael. I thought listening to them and thinking about him would be the best tribute to him.

I love all of his songs and especially this…


I miss you, George. And I am very sorry that you had to go so soon. Your music made so many people including me very happy. I just can’t believe that you are gone. Please rest in peace, George. We love you so much…

5 thoughts on “Blame it on…

      • Yes, my sister and I were discussing that after Freddie Mercury, he had the best voice. And, it got better as he matured and allowed his interpretations to reveal more of his personal difficulties. It’s been a tough year, so sad. 😭 I’ve turned off my news feed, because I don’t want to hear anymore at the moment.

      • I agree with you 100% about George. He was sexy and passionate all his life, wasn’t he? I really loved to dance with his songs. I will still play his Flawless while getting ready in the morning, though I will probably be thinking about him and feeling sad. Then, by keeping on listening to his tunes, he will stay alive in our heart, won’t he? I’m sure he will love that.
        2016 has been an awful year for me personally and I want this bitchy year to pass quickly without taking away any more life! Hand us back our George (& Carrie Fisher), you 2016!!😡😡😡

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