On 27th, Hubbie and I did wake up with a proper hangover. As we nursed our throbbing heads with paracetamol and mugs of milky tea, we vowed that we would definitely stay clear of alcoholic concoctions such as mulled wine or cider in the future.

Feeling the paracetamol starting to take effect, I sat myself down on a sheepskin rug with my second cup of tea in one hand and a Refa CARAT roller in another.

I bought this ReFa S CARAT Platinum Electronic Roller during one of my return flights from Tokyo. Out of the boredom, which was customary during the 12 hours flight, I was leafing through a duty free catalogue and ran into the page advertising the device with a tax-free price. I had always been curious about Refa products as the methods sounded simple and easy as well as the device didn’t require an external power supply – the supply voltage to domestic properties in the UK was 240V AC, comparing it with the Japanese one which was 100V. Since I had some leftover Japanese yen in my wallet, I thought buying the roller was a good idea.

So how did I find the roller? Did it work for me?

Yes, it does work! Even though the effect is temporary (it lasts about a day), I really can see a “before /after” result clearly in the mirror!

I am yet to be convinced about their “micro-current” technology, but rolling the balls over my face does make me feel nice. After going over my face upward and outward, I am always left with a strange sensation around my cheeks and temples – they feel taut and firm. The changes most visible happen around the corners of my mouth and the outer corners of my eyes. They definitely look lifted. I think the effect happens because the balls knead and drain lymph from the areas they are massaging, and as a result, my face appears taut and refreshed.

Anyway, I was massaging my puffed up face with the roller while watching KUWTK (Don’t scorn me. It’s Christmas!). Then, Bella the Nosy became curious about the shiny thing in my hand, so I gave her a quick massage as a joke…

She was hooked!

Do me more! She scratched my knee every time I switched to massage my face.

Yes, there. That’s it. Carry on…



I don’t think you will see any effect, Bella the Diva. Because your face is too FURRY.

Ever since her first Refa CARAT experience, Bella pesters me to give her a massage every time I do mine. Ugh, so annoying!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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