Topping up the Ozone

The 28th was dry but also rather cold. We were a little bored with being stuck at home, and Hubbie needed to buy a new cable release for his Canon. Therefore, we decided to brace the weather and to go out.

First and foremost, we must have some lunch before diving into the swirl of bargain hunters on Oxford Street, hence we made a beeline to Ozone Coffee Roasters on Leonard Street.

My Eggs benedict on autumn bubble ‘n’ squeak cakes with hollandaise. I opted for Kupros halloumi…

Mmmm, I adore the way soft egg yolk cascades down and seeps into the bubble and squeak. The dish was divine.

Our well-behaved Bella, curling up on my Pendleton jacket and having a nap throughout.

For dessert, we shared a piece of Lammington cake…

I have been a huge fan of this Aussie cake ever since I had one at Department of Coffee and Social Affairs off Carnaby Street. Despite the robust and somewhat solid appearance, the cake is surprisingly light and delicate. The one we had at Ozone was rather unconventional because the patissier used raspberry sauce for coating instead of chocolate sauce. The resulting treat was even lighter than a traditional version, and it was a perfect dessert after a hearty main dish.

After we finished our lunch in a leisurely manner, we headed to the West End. As we expected, Oxford Street was mega-busy. The pavements along the thoroughfare were heavily packed with a mass of slow moving shoppers, and they were totally unsuitable for letting an excitable puppy walk on a leash. ‘Ok, I will have to carry her.’ I picked her up and cradled in my arms while we negotiated through the crowd. Bella weighed mere 2.2kg, but holding her, like a guard presenting a rifle vertical in front of the body so Bella’s head would not be knocked by the oncoming traffic, started to feel like carrying a sack of bricks towards the end of our shopping expedition. Oh Bella, I didn’t know you were so heavy…

You mean I should go on diet?

Or you should do more push-ups to beef up your arms, mummy.

Yup, the point taken, Bella the Milkman…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

3 thoughts on “Topping up the Ozone

  1. Oh I’m so pleased to see Bella was allowed in with you to Ozone Coffee Roasters. It always annoys me when places won’t allow well-behaved dogs to sit with you. I hope that it’s a London trend that will eventually spread out across the country. Eggs looked delicious – might have some this evening!

    • Hi Agnes. Shoreditch, the area where we live, is a pretty dog friendly environment as more than a few offices also allow dogs to accompany their owners. Central London, I must say it is mixed. The worst area must be Knightsbridge as Arabs don’t like dogs – I & Binnie were shooed from Harrods and Harvey Nicks even though he was in his carrier with a zip closed! I wish if UK is as dog friendly as France and Germany!😭

      • Yes, my mother always remarked how dog friendly France was and was amazed to see dogs in smart restaurants in Paris. Let’s hope London gets better and better as dogs bring us so much pleasure.

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