Super (wet) Sunday

London is wet. It’s very very wet. Incessant drizzle is drenching everything and everywhere. Amongst all kind of precipitation, drizzle is the worst, isn’t it? The droplets are so tiny, it doesn’t fall vertically like proper rain but it floats like an ultra fine veil and drenches everything and everyone in its path. My umbrella only keeps the very top of my head dry and the rest feels unpleasantly damp. Ugh!

Very wet Regent Street…

Is it still raining? Yes, it was. I sighed and picked up my crumpled brolly from the umbrella rack of my hairdresser. What a miserable weather!

Then, I had an idea. Why don’t I drop in an Apple Store and try AirPods? Conveniently, there was an Apple Store on Regent Street.

Who can ignore the lure of Apple…

Originally, Hubbie ordered a set of AirPods for me as a part of Christmas presents. However, the delivery date is pushed back to mid-February, and I am still waiting. Everyday, I pester Hubbie to check the order status, desperately wishing if they somehow manage to quicken the production and my new earphones are on its way. ‘No, the estimated delivery date hasn’t changed. It’s 16th February!’ Hubbie, who is fed up with my impatience, replies curtly. Damn…

It seems I will have to wait for another month before becoming an owner of the headphones, but there will be no harm in me checking them out at the store, I thought as I climbed up the stairs.

So is this the real McCoy?

A staff, who was manning the area showcasing headphones, brought out AirPods with its charger from the drawer upon my request.

‘Can I try them on?’ The staff handed me the charger, and I opened the lid. ‘They look like peas in a pod!’ I squealed with excitement. I pulled each earphone out of the casing and inserted them carefully in my ears. I had seen a YouTube clip in which a reviewer was test-driving AirPods in everyday situations, such as running up stairs, turning her head left and right (mind you, she wasn’t shaking it though), standing up & down and so on. In the end, she was resonablely impressed with the way the earphones stayed put inside her ears.

Ooh la la, they feel strange! I squealed again. It felt like ear plugs hanging loose. The sensation was so odd, I found myself swiveling my head so carefully, like I was balancing a book on the top of my head or recovering from a whiplash. ‘You will get use to them.’, the staff reassured me with a smile. Then, he played a track for me so I could listen to it through them. How was my verdict on the sound quality? It sounded as good as my B&O headphones. So it was a big thumb up.

Please, please, Apple. Please deliver my AirPods very very soon. Because the earphones are the only thing I am looking forward to recently as the world around me is so depressing with Donald Trump, Brexit and etc…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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