Please release me!

Release me from this shackles called hacking cough! I was again woken up by a bout of painful cough in the middle of the night last night, and I am truly fed up with this persistent remnant of the cold I caught over the last NYE. One of my fellow bloggers called this particular cold as “three weeks cold”, and I was hoping it would not take that long to get out of my system. However, I am still bothered by the cough, despite the end of the three weeks is only a few days away…

While I was shopping for groceries at my local supermarket, I came across this…

I was on various cough remedies recently and sick of taking them because all of them so far made me feel either drowsy, parched and constipated. I wasn’t sure if the pastilles had any clout to silence my cough, but I decided to give a shot.

So, how did it go? My verdict: It didn’t work for me. I sucked one during my cough attack last night, but it didn’t stop or ease my coughing. It was a shame because they tasted rather moreish. They tasted like spiced jam with wine gum like texture. Oh well, I will have to go back to a conventional cough remedy tonight so I won’t disturb Hubbie and Bella.

You see, I am frustrated because I have a few things lined up for me to try this year.

One of them is attending a street dancing class. Hubbie bought me sneakers as Christmas presents so I could embark on my new fitness regime in style. Originally, I booked a taster class at City Academy for 5th January. However, I was too ill to attend and had to ask them to change it to 18th. Then, I am still not well enough so it has been rescheduled for 6th February.

And this sweatshirt. I have been meaning to take it to my friend Heza so he can do his amazing (& stylish) customisation on it.

Please please please, I am feeling like this inside…


But my body is letting me down!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

13 thoughts on “Please release me!

    • Yes, they tasted miles better than Strepsils! However, I feel cheated because it doesn’t do what it’s said on the tin.
      I will do anything to get better (except anything illegal). I’m so sick of being sick…😭😭😭

      • They are a kind of spicy minty taste. I’m not sure if they will do much for a cough, but they do tend to stimulate your salvia production. I guess it depends if your cough is in your throat or coming from further down from your lungs. Hope it improves soon.

      • Thank you, Agnes. My cough is no longer so called productive one. It feels like my chest is tight and it urges me to cough. Very annoying but I don’t think GP can’t help me because I’m not ill enough.😭

  1. Try Jakemans boiled sweets in the black… They are pretty good for lingering coughs…Good luck and you’ll be at the dance class soon I’m sure.. 😷

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