Calm before the storm

A pyramid of Bella’s toys was gradually taking shape by my feet as I scooped up the content of my breakfast bowl with a spoon. ‘Yes Bella, I’ve got your message!’ Apparently, I was not responding to her request quick enough, she threw in a nudge of her nose into my shin for good measure. Ok, ok, OKAY! I grabbed a ball from the pile and threw it towards the far end of the room.

In Bella’s dictionary, a word “enough” doesn’t exist…

My breakfast of porridge with coconut milk, acai, mixed berries juice, Manuka honey, long pepper and cinnamon. The mixture may look rather unappetising, but it actually tastes rather grand…

So, today is the day, isn’t it? I absentmindedly stirred the porridge. The day on which that man, I couldn’t bring myself to utter or spell his evil name, would be inaugurated as President of the United States of America. I looked up and saw the sunshine streaming through the window. The scenery in front of me was like any other sunny wintry morning, peaceful and blissful. Yet, I couldn’t help noticing that my mind was clouded with trepidation. This is definitely the calm before the storm, I felt a cold shiver of fear and a flash of anger at the same time.

During the time like this, what can help me to stay happy and positive?

Bella the Count Dracula!



She is a perfect antidote against pessimism and melancholy. However, there is a certain side-effect comes with it too…

Oh Bella, what a mess!

Still, every good laugh you offer is much appreciated by me and Hubbie. I am so glad that we have you. Thank you, Bella the Clown. You are and will be the ray of sunshine on the darkest days ahead…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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