Liplu by MTG

Lingering cough was not the only by-product of the three weeks cold. It ravaged my lips too. By touching my lips with countless sheets of Kleenex while blowing my nose, I ended up making my lips badly chapped.

A scene of Bella shredding a magazine used as a metaphor for the severity of the damage done to my pout…

Shutting myself up most of the time in the rooms with central-heating on didn’t help the matter either. My lips were arid as the Sahara!

My lips have been always sensitive. They tend to crack and peel if they aren’t moisturised enough. And I also have to be extra careful with what sort of balm to be applied on them. If the balm is too hard or too sticky, my lips start to peel like the thin skin of the garlic. Therefore, looking after them is an extremely tricky business.

So how can I make them better? I googled “lip care treatment gadget”as keywords and encountered this product, Liplu. $60 for a lipcare didn’t sound too unreasonable, and I was at the point where I was too fed up with my painful cracked lips to care how much the gadget would cost.

After waiting for a few weeks, I was summoned to a local post office depot to pick up the parcel and pay for custom charge…

Ahhh, I’ve been waiting for you, you beauty!

In the box, I found these…

An applicator? Should I call it so? and a lipcare serum, were in a very smartly presented box.

Let’s discard the packaging and get up close and personal…

The applicator is powered by 1 AAA battery. The metal tip heats up when the applicator is switched on, and it turns itself off automatically after 2 minutes. The applicator has two treatment modes. By pressing an on/off button once, the tip heats up as a daytime mode, designed to be used with any lip balm during a day. And pressing the button twice, the tip switches to a nighttime treatment mode, designed to be used in conjunction with a treatment serum which comes with the applicator.

My verdict? 9/10. I think the device works for my lips. It stoped my lips from cracking in just two days, and I feel very comfortable while I eat or smile because my lips no longer split and cause me a pain. The treatment serum is very hydrating without being greasy or tacky. Some reviewers claim that the gadget helps their lips to increase the volume. However, I don’t see such benefit on mine yet. Who knows it may come as a welcome by-product after prolonged use though. So fingers crossed.

A slight shortcoming of the gadget is the way it is powered. 1 AAA battery doesn’t last very long. During the first few days, I went overboard on using the applicator and was shocked to find how quickly it used up the battery.

All in all, Liplu does help me to have chap free lips and it was a wise shopping for me. I shall continue to use it and see if it deliver anything more than smoothing my lips. And if it does, I will report it in my blog!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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