Is finally with me!!

Hubbie must be very happy to get me out of his hair. Awwww, I’m so happy!

Inside of the cardboard box. Behold the Apple logo. How I longed for this moment…


Last week, Apple let us know that the date of delivery would be brought forward to 9th from the original estimate of 16th. So, I was rubbing my hands, quivering with excitement. Now, the earphones are finally here with me!

The case / battery looks exactly like a dental floss container. Well, it has been pointed out in CNET already…

Open sesame!

Pairing them with my iPhone 7 was dead easy. It goes like this. You bring them both, the handset and the AirPod unit with the lid opened, to side by side, and Voila, it is done!

The case and earphones were charged up to around 60% when I received them. So I popped them in my ears and played some tracks in my iPhone. I left the phone on my desk and went downstairs. I wanted to know the maximum distance I could be away from my phone before losing the signal. So how far was it? The distance I could be apart was pretty impressive. In spite of the floor above being concrete, I could walk beyond more than 2/3 the area of the basement. Ohhh, I love wireless earphones! I no longer have to worry about dangling cables which always get caught by a handle or my arms. Of course, I will keep my Bang & Olufsen earphones for long haul flights, so I won’t have to worry about battery life.

Bella wants to know what is in my ears…

Show me!

No! They are not your toy. THEY ARE MINE! You will be in a big trouble if you chew them up.

Show meee!

Show me! Show me! Show me! SHOW ME!


Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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