Valentine’s Day 2017

‘Did you receive a delivery?’ Hubbie enquired me as soon as I walked into his office. I was like ‘???’ Was I supposed to wait for any delivery? Did he mention it last night?? ‘So you didn’t receive roses I arranged?’ He looked very disappointed. Apparently, he ordered flowers for me and paid an extra so they would be delivered before 1pm. Oh dear, I would have waited for it if only I knew about it. ‘Well, that wouldn’t be a surprise, would it?’, Hubbie shrugged his shoulders. I felt bad about him having to divulge the secret…

Before the delivery incident, I gave him a card and chocolates in the morning…

The missing delivery was looked after by one of my neighbours. Despite being left in a hallway with no water for more six hours, the roses from Bloom&Wild were in remarkably good condition. I was very impressed.

For our Valentine’s Day dinner, we tried to book a table at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen. Since the restaurant was a stone’s throw away from our home, and it meant we wouldn’t have to leave Bella alone too long.

Unfortunately, they were fully booked until 10pm. So we decided to eat at The Eagle

Cider & burger! It may not be the most romantic food for Valentine’s Day, but we felt like it.

Bella was crashing out, wedging herself between me and a cushion…

She was curling up like s fur ball…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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