Tech pitfalls

Hmmm, things are never straightforward, are they? I sighed as I took silicone ear pads off from my newly acquired AirPods because the lid of the charger / case didn’t close properly if the ear pads were on. The fit of AirPods was designed so precisely and snugly, it didn’t  allow even a wafer-thin silicone membrane to come between them!

I ordered those ear pads because my earpiece fell out more than a few times while I was adjusting a scarf around my neck. What will happen if I lose them on a busy underground platform while I’m standing in a gust caused by an approaching tube train? Especially, I will be walking with Bella the Handful, and she can be a distraction too. I really need something to secure the earpieces in my ears, I pondered. Is there any product which will alleviate my tech anxiety? I googled “AirPods inear secure” as keywords. The search threw up a few suggestions, and I bought two different type of ear pads through Amazon Prime.

The cheapest ones were a pair of silicone tips which were to be placed over the earpieces like socks. With them on, the headphones felt less loose in my ears, and I quite liked the simplicity of the design. However, I was hugely disappointed when I found the lid of the charger didn’t shut if the tips were left on. What a deal-breaker!!

Slightly more expensive ones were Earhoox. Again, they were made from soft silicone. The difference was the fin which protruded from the rim. The shape was like a tropical fish’s and it helped the headphone to be wedged securely.

So which one I liked better? I chose Earhoox. I found them less fiddly to handle and much harder to dislodge them even if I shook my head like Angus Young!

Buying AirPods meant to simplify my life – no more untangling cables, etc. However, I have found it was not so straightforward. I ended up carrying them in a storage case so they would be in the same place for easy use…

The case in the pic is one of four pieces I bought from Amazon. The size is almost same as Louis Vuitton’s round coin purse…

I only needed one but it came as a set of four for £6.99, and each of them came with a carabiner. Hubbie wants the black one for a memory cards storage, and I can swap between three colours depending on which hue goes well with my outfit. So it has turns out all fine and dandy in the end…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura


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