Twinkle on Kensington Church Street

Ouch! I poked my eye with my finger accidentally as I was hastely applying eyeshadow over my left eyelid. I knew nothing good would come out if things were done in a hurry. However, I was way behind the time and panicking! Ohhhh, I’m gonna be late!! I kept on muttering the same phrase over and over, like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. The appointment with my hairstylist was at 1pm, and I was running late. If I didn’t hit the pavement in 15 minutes, I wouldn’t be able make it on time. Of course, I could go with my face make-up free. But then I would have nothing else but my bare face to stare at in the mirror for a couple of hours. The thought of it made me shudder. Ugh…

Anyway, Bella and I were on Kensington Church Street last Thursday. The weather was exceptionally mild and pleasant, and we were in the mood for a long walk.

Kensington Church Street, which connects High Street Kensington and Notting Hill Gate, is well known for expensive antique shops. The thoroughfare is lined with shop windows in which one can gape at amazing treasures and relics from the past…

Ahhh, it’s like visiting V&A and British Museum…

My girl Bella was not into antique, apparently…

Cuddle me! Carry me! I’m not interested in old stuff.

Oh Bella, you’re so disrespectful.

She doesn’t give a damn, evidently.

Some shops didn’t weather the post-Brexit climate very well. I saw gutted shop interiors, and it made me sad…

Once upon a time, I used to come to the street three times a week in order to help out a shop which sold vintage prints. Being an art student, I was very good at cutting cardboards for framing, so I was in their basement studio, wielding a Stanley knife and sticking prints with special glue. During my lunch break, I usually sauntered towards Notting Hill Gate and gazed into the shop windows along the street. There were two particular shops I was fascinated with but never dared to enter.

They were Mrs Crick’s Chandelier Shop and Denton Antiques. Today, they are still very much in business and I am very happy for them!

The shop mistress of the print shop was a spinster and a tough taskmaster who was not into small talk. During our rare moment of chatting, I mentioned about how I was taken by the beauty of the chandeliers and my desire of owning one one day…

She looked at me with amazement at first and asked me if I knew how much they costed. Those shops never displayed any ticket so I had no idea how extraordinarily expensive they were.
‘I think you will change your mind if you are told how dearly just one crystal from those chandeliers costs.’ She left me very red faced.

She could have corrected my ignorance a little more kindly, I reflected on as I gazed at the crystals…

I used to wonder who would buy such an opulent light fixture like this for their home. Industry tycoons? Arab royalties? The crystals twinkled behind the window pane right in front of me. But the monetary distance between us seemed to be a light year away.

Now decades later, I live in a flat with ceiling height high enough to hang a proper chandelier. Do I fancy one now? I look around and ponder. Probably not. Our decor won’t go with it, and Hubbie will never agree to have one as he hates any period style older than the 50’s.

By the way, another fixture of Kensington Church Street is The Churchill Arms

I love this pub. They are one of those old-fashioned English pubs with great decor. They also serve delicious Thai food and welcome dogs – very important!

Ok, Bella. Our next destination is Kensington Gardens. Allons-y!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

7 thoughts on “Twinkle on Kensington Church Street

  1. Ooo Mrs Cricks Chandelier Shop – what a fabulous name for a shop… I love this trip down Kensington Streets – it’s a lovely insight…. I also hope you managed to make your hair appointment – I know that feeling – I would NEVER go and sit for 2 hours in the hairdressers staring at my face without makeup on – it’s bad enough with makeup on!!!! Poor Bella – she looked like she just wanted to go home and snuggle up with her mummy! x

    • Yes, I did make it in the nick of time. However, I didn’t have enough time to dry my hair and it resembled a bird nest when I arrived at the hairdresser!
      The stuff on sale on Kensington Church Street are so expensive. I can’t imagine who are their clients. I hardly see anyone walks in to them. I guess, like Sotheby’s or Christie’s, people with big cheque books don’t come and shop.
      Bella is in a teenager phase right now and can be rather uncooperative, especially when she is walking on a lead. I have been advised from my trainer Jose that she mustn’t be allowed to get her way. Therefore, I sometimes have to drag her so she follows me like a dog on the lead…😂xx

      • Haha – at least you were going to the right place to get the ‘birds nest’ sorted out!
        It’s hard to imagine sometimes isn’t it the vast wealth some people have.. as you say it’s probably all done via ‘interior designers’ shopping for them..
        Poor Bella… Your trainer is probably right – I remember Dolly going through that phase too.. She cooperated in the end! xx

      • I would love to walk in and browse the treasures on sale. Though, they wouldn’t welcome someone truly “just looking”😭
        I feel sorry for Bella when she does this spread eagle and refuses to walk. I used to pick her up because I wasn’t patient enough. Now, I can see that is the right thing to do for her development in a long run. Hope she will understand it too soon 🙏🏻xx

      • I dare you to go in for a ‘just looking’ session!! haha – I’d love to see their faces…
        Awww bless little Bella… she’ll learn – perseverance is the answer hopefully … xxx

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