Muzzle of evidence

Bella, what’s happened around your mouth??? I was puzzled because her muzzle was covered with bits of white. Like Bella the Decorator.

Wat d’ya mean, Miss? 

Eep! What the heck has happened to my wall?!

Did you do that, Bella?! WHY??!!

While I was in a shower this morning, she decided to damage the wall. She must have scratched it repeatedly while she was standing on her hind legs. Her front paws were covered with the white stuff too.

What Hubbie will say when he sees this…

I’m sure he will be very unimpressed with her handy work.

By the way, do you know today is my birthday?

Thank you very much for your unforgettable birthday present…*sigh*

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

6 thoughts on “Muzzle of evidence

  1. Happy Birthday to you 😃 🎂
    Ah little doggies can be very, very determined. My mother had a toy poodle who, when left at the kennels whilst we were on holiday, dug his way out under a fence after chewing his way out of his basket!

    • Ahh, thank you, Agnes! From next year, I will be calling my birthday as my anniversary like Mariah Carey.
      Bella did give me an indelible birthday gift. Now, we will have to decorate the wall as well as to repair the marks on the floor!😭 Like your mom’s toy poodle, Bella would definitely dig a tunnel and escape like the movie, Great Escape!

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