Barking mad

My apology for the recent radio silence. Nothing bad happened in my life but I was snowed under by bits and pieces on the domestic front. 

Do you remember I blogged about one of my girl Bella’s mischiefs? An incident in which she damaged the wall? I have figured out why she did it. It seemed like she was trying to get to “her friend” in the mirror. The pin dropped when I saw her carrying one of her toys to the mirror. She stood there with her tail wagging, expecting her frosty friend to jump on the toy and play with it. Obviously, it never happened and she looked disappointed and frustrated.

Why are you so offhandish?!

Mr.B had the same experience with his own reflection in the mirror when he was a puppy. He grew out of it eventually and stopped paying attention to “the dog with an attitude problem”.

Poor Bella, I hope it doesn’t dent your self-esteem. And please stop scratching my wall!!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

9 thoughts on “Barking mad

  1. Awww Bella… bless her… – how cute (not the damaged wall obviously! haha – sorry I shouldn’t laugh….).. I’ve just popped into my sisters (next door) and she has 4 Yorkshire Terriers and one of them is currently pregnant so there is likely to be a house full of even more cuties very soon.. Lots of cleaning up to do though – thank goodness it’s not me having to do it!!

    • Hi Wendy! Yes, Bella was trying to dig out her mystery friend! She still looks for it & I feel rather sad for her. I guess we will have to have another puppy in a few years time so she will have a four-legged companion to play with.
      Awww, I wish I lived next door to your sister’s!! Looking after puppies is a hard work, I must admit. I was almost paranoid about Bella’s collateral damage during the first few months’ of our life together. I’m still mopping up after her, but it is becoming more predictable and less frequent. Ohhhh, I love to have another puppy!!💕😍x

  2. Awwh – it’s always so sweet and funny when they see themselves in a mirror 😍. They must learn something because as they get older they stop responding even if you hold their head and make them look. My sister and I tried it as kids with our dogs and out of puppyhood they’re not interested.

    • Hi Agnes! Bella still goes up to the mirror at least 5 times a day and barks at herself😂 Her barking can be pretty noisy, and when Paul has his migraine moment, it is rather nuisance. Binnie used to be fixated to his reflection in a mirror when he was young but not as much as Bella. Hope she will give up on it soon though I don’t want her grow out of being a puppy!😭

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