We’re stuck

Today is a “staying at home” day, however, Bella and I have a company. Dave the Plumber is beavering away in our boiler room, replacing a 15 years old diaphragm. Bella is very curious what is going on, and I have to keep on recalling her so she won’t be a nuisance to Dave.

The sun is shining outside and it looks so inviting. What a shame that we are stuck at home!

Let’s do something useful…

Mmmm… I’m not feeling it. It is not working! Oh well, I’m gonna undo it later.

Bella seems to be lost also…

She can’t decide which toy she wants to play with.

I hope Dave will finish the job soon so Bella and I can go for a stroll before the sun is gone…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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