My recent job status is best described as Bella’s full-time nanny, not an artisan knitter!

Since Hubbie has no time nor patience to entertain an 8 months old puppy, the job is dropped on my lap. Don’t get me wrong because I love her to bits and will do anything to make her happy. However, her excess energy is as such, I am forever doing this tug-of-war or fetch…

Look at her teeth!

Is there any magic spell to calm her down? Even Mary Poppins would find Bella a tough assignment…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

5 thoughts on “Occupation

  1. Oh gosh… I suspect it’s ‘hereditary’ as Pippa my son and daughter in law’s Yorkshire Terrier is just the same with a ball – she wants it throwing constantly.. she’s just 1 year old.. and one of my sister’s puppies.. Keeping it in the family! haha x

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