Crufts 2017

‘Look, Bella! Aren’t they better behaved than you are?’ The annual dog show Crufts was on TV as I observed Bella smashing poor Mr.Penguin repeatedly against the floor.

Well, she might not be a show dog. However, she is mega entertaining and mega cute, therefore, she will always be my Best in Show.

Did you watch the rescue Jack Russell going bonkers in the agility competition? It was hilarious! He was having a great fun, ignoring all the rules and exiting the area of his own accord, ‘Bye Byeee!’ Hubbie and I had a hearty laugh as we watched the slow-motion replay.


Our superstar Bella and her agility course…


I am 100% sure she would behave exactly like the Jack Russell (or far worse) if she were there in the arena…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

7 thoughts on “Crufts 2017

  1. Oh that’s SO FUNNY!! I’m laughing loudly.. Hilarious! Thanks for cheering up my afternoon.. and yes I suspect Bella would possibly be worse.. haha x

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