Case to be considered

Oh bliss! I took a sip of mocha at Paper & Cup and let out a sigh of satisfaction, feeling happy and content. The first sip always tastes the best, doesn’t it? I’m also treating myself with a slice of gluten-free chocolate and walnut cake. Ahhh, I’m in seventh heaven…

Where is my cake?

I am ignoring Bella’s accusing stare.

The recent weather in London up until today has been absolutely impeccable. It is so warm and springlike, a kind of weather, which pulls you out of a chair and propels you on to the street. But who knows how long this meteorological pleasantness lasts? The British weather is well known for its unpredictability. Therefore, I put a lead on Bella’s collar and hit the pavement so I wouldn’t regret for not making the best out of the sunshine even if it rained the next day.

Shall we walk towards Shoreditch High Street?

There was a hint of chill in the air every time the wind blew. The weather forecasters must be right about the change in the weather system. They predicted this weekend’s weather wouldn’t be as nice as the past few days.

The spring blossoms of St Leonard Church…

I hope this spring won’t be as wet as last year’s. Wasn’t it the wettest and coldest in the recent history or something?

While I was flicking through the pages of the latest ES magazine, I came across a column by Laura Craik…

She was on about the latest trends in designer phone cases, and I was very much intrigued as I had placed my order for a designer iPhone case through LUISAVIAROMA recently. Before switching my iPhone 6 to 7, my old case was by Givenchy, the one with an angry Rottweiler.  I would be happy to carry on using the same case with my new phone, but the camera position on the latest handset was different from the old one. Therefore I had to ditch the Givenchy one and find a replacement.

So which phone case do I want? There are so many on the market. I thought about it for quite a while. Then I decided that I wanted a case with the rainbow.

You know the poem about Rainbow Bridge?

I wanted a phone case, which would be by my side all the time, to remind me about Mr.B and Rainbow Bridge. Looking at the case time to time would comfort me when I became sad thinking about his absence, I reasoned.

So this is the case I ordered…

A case by Marc Jacobs. The case has liquid glitter which moves over the rainbow. The sparkly glitter is Mr.B’s beautiful soul, floating in the air. Oh, how I miss him…

The estimated delivery date is 30th March. And I can hardly wait!

Hubbie may frown upon me spending £80 on a mere plastic phone case because he is a design purist and doesn’t see any point in masking his iPhone plus’ beautiful piano-black with a case. However, I want him to know that there are even more expensive ones on sale! Like the one by Louis Vuitton which is £210, or the one with crystal embellishment by Dolce & Gabbana which is £475. As Laura has pointed out in her column, the sum which is spent on a phone case may be justified as a mobile phone is the one gadget which is never far away from one’s hand 24/7. I would rather have my phone protected by a case in my favourite design than any practical but ugly one.

Having said that, I have concern about the case by Dolce & Gabbana. Are those crystals attached to the leather robust enough to withstand daily knocks and bumps? The case goes though a lot, like in and out of a bag, being dropped onto the floor, etc…. I am voicing the issue because I have had a bad experience with Karl Lagerfeld’s crystal embellished gloves in the past. One of the crystals fell off after just a few hours of wearing them. To my horror and indignation, I discovered the crystals were secured by glue only. No wonder it came off! I sent the pair back to NET-A-PORTER with a very very angry note.

After finishing an afternoon treat, we headed home…

Let’s go home, Bella. I have a kabocha squash to cook in the fridge!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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