Mildreds Restaurant @ W1

‘Oh, come in! We are very dog-friendly.’ Hubbie, I and Bella were ushered to a dining area at Mildreds on Lexington Street, Soho. It was Saturday lunchtime and the restaurant was packed.

Originally, Mildreds started serving their delicious vegetarian / vegan menu on Greek Street in the 80s. I used to dine at there with my friends, and then we moved on to Maison Bertaux for dessert.

Bella can be rather wild when she is at home. However, she behaves like an angel when we are eating out…

Because we never feed her at the table at home, she considers our food is not for her. She sniffs at it and then curls up for a kip.

My Sri Lankan sweet potato and green bean curry with roasted lime cashews, pea basmati rice and coconuts tomato sambal…

The dish was soooo delicious! I just love love love this curry. I am drooling over the image as I write the sentence!

Hubbie had classic burger which was made with smoked tofu, lentil and piquillo pepper. The burger looked very substantial.

On our way home, we encountered Million Women Rise March at Oxford Circus…

Go women go!!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

3 thoughts on “Mildreds Restaurant @ W1

  1. Dolly is very greedy and would definitely not have curled up in a ball to go to sleep with food on the table.. Well done Bella.. That food looks delicious! x

    • Oh bless your Dolly! We weren’t very strict with Mr.B too. Bella used to try to climb on to a table when she was younger. Now, she seems to give up all the hope of getting anything from us.
      Yes, Mildreds is absolute ace. Even if you are not vegan / vegetarian (we are neither), their dishes are so delicious. I definitely wouldn’t mind giving up meat and dairy if I could eat at Mildreds all the time!😍x

      • Aww I know… Dolly was mistreated as a puppy and we’ve never managed to break her ‘greedy’ habit… She’d have a great time in Mildreds too!!haha xx

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