Give them our love

As Hubbie was leaving for a meeting in Mayfair in a short while, I opened a BBC website to check the weather for him. Then, I saw a headline, “Palace of Westminster in lock down”. Oh no, no, no.

Now, we all know what happened yesterday afternoon. My heart aches with sadness. And I feel my face flushes with anger every time I think about the incident.

All those innocent people who were killed or injured yesterday had absolutely nothing to be blamed for. It was a pure bad luck, being in a wrong place at wrong time. However, it makes the matter worse in some way.

I know nothing can replace the pain of losing loved ones. However, we can show them, who are directly affected by this tragedy, how desperately we feel sorry and how much we care about them. It is a very very small gesture but I have donated some money for the family of PC Keith Palmer. Money can’t bring back this brace policeman, but it will help his family to endure the darkest time of their life and comfort them by letting them know that there is still a plenty of goodness left in the world.

Please donate whatever you can afford at here.

Thank you very much. Kaori X

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