Don’t lose your head!

Eep! Where the hell is my card wallet?!?! I patted myself down furiously after rummaging through the content of my tote bag. Oh, shit! Where has it gone? What have I done with it? A cashier at Liberty’s stationary department went very quiet as she didn’t know how to intervene in my panick-stricken pantomime. ‘I’m sorry but I have to go NOW!’ I grabbed my bag and ran out on to Great Marlborough Street.

My first destination in search of the missing wallet was The Photographers’ Gallery’s cafe in where I had a mug of mocha early on. ‘No, we didn’t find anything by the till.’ A man in apron replied apologetically. Ahhhh, I was out on the street again, the next destination, Zara!!

All the blissful moment I enjoyed with my mocha was completely out of the window. Is this a divine punishment for feeling smug after my fortune of not having to cut out caffeine out of my daily life like poor Hubbie?!

Last Friday, we went to see his neurologist, and she advised him to have no caffeine and minimal sugar for at least three months in order to control his chronic migraine. He was already deprived of coffee, tea or chocolate for the past two weeks because of the detox regime prescribed by the nutritionist, therefore, he received the doctor’s recommendations with a resigned sigh. After the consultation, we had snack at Patisserie Valerie by Holland Park tube station. ‘Can I have a sip of your mocha?’, he pined as he sipped a glass of water. ‘No, you can’t. I am afraid.’

Anyway, back to my missing card wallet saga. After dashing out of the gallery, I made a beeline to Zara on Oxford Street. After running down the escalator, I rushed to the till and blurted out, ‘Did I leave my card wallet on the counter?!’ A girl at the till replied with a smile, ‘Yes, you did, madam. The wallet is kept at the main till on the ground floor.’ Thank god! And thank you, Zara!! Ahhh, how my legs felt like jelly after mad sprinting. I truly can’t trust myself nowadays. Should I chain my wallet to a belt loop like a skater?…

One more thing about Hubbie’s treatment for his migraine. Apparently, he has to detox his brain! The doctor has ordered him not to take any painkiller for the next three months even if he has migraine attacks. He was having way too many Nurofen Plus for far too long, and his brain needs to be cleaned out for good. ‘I have to go cold turkey.’ ‘Alrighty, I shall throw all the painkillers out of the cabinet!’ And that was the first thing I did when we got home.

I am very, very happy because Hubbie has finally realised his quality of life matters more than his workaholic lifestyle. Let’s hope he won’t have too many headaches during the detoxing period…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

15 thoughts on “Don’t lose your head!

  1. Glad you found your card wallet! I would panic too if I were you!

    I’ll have to tell my husband to try what the neurologist suggested. I’m sure he’ll give me a million reasons to NOT try it but hey, he also suffers from chronic migraine and Ibruprofen is his best friend. Actually, they don’t work much these days. He’s seen a neurologist here in Frankfurt too who suggested he exercise 30 mins day…

    • Hi Yolande! How are your angels?😍
      Yes, I managed to recover my wallet! If I lost it, I didn’t have money for tube or bus…
      Paul has finally accepted that he needs more help than popping painkillers. Prior to the consultations with the nutritionist and the neurologist, he had a horrible migraine attack which kept him in bed for a few days. He had his blood test done at GP (the result was all clear, thank god), and we followed a detox menu which was given by the nutritionist. As a result, he lost 5kg in 1.5 week and so far headache free. The neurologist said that painkillers like ibuprofen make brain more pain-sensitive if they are taken too regularly and too often. That is why he was advised to detox his brain. The doctor suggested him to lie in a darkened room with ice pack on his head if the attack happens. Also he was told to eat every four hours to stabilise his blood sugar level. The fluctuation in blood sugar level can trigger migraine attacks, apparently. The snack has to be made of protein or fat. No sugar. And he has to drink 2l of water which he struggles because he normally doesn’t hydrate much. I hope your husband will try some of the ideas Paul was prescribed. It’s horrible for them to suffer with incessant headaches. But they also have to realise it is not great for the people around them too because they are miserable with the pain…😓X

      • Hello! We’re good, thank you 🙂 Some days I feel like they are devils from hell!

        Thank you so much for sharing what Paul’s been asked to do. I’m glad it sounds like it’s working well so far. It is definitely worth a shot. Daniel has stopped drinking Coke but still has sugar in coffee and tea. Oh… but no caffeine, right? Bet he’ll struggle not to have PG tips! Totally agree with you that while migraine affects them badly, it also affects people around them.

      • Awwww, such cute devils!💕😈
        Yup, the detoxing was not very easy. His first week was absolutely horrible. Symptoms like headaches, joint aches, muscle aches and forgetfulness were alarming. I did caffeine detox once, so I knew it would be tough. He also has to give up dairy so no cheese and no milk. Then, we discovered rooibos tea with soy milk was rather agreeable, and we have been drinking it mainly. Paul seems to be ok with detoxing now since he starts to see the benefits of it. Lower blood pressure, losing weight and no headache. Something’s got to give if you wanna be pain free. I hope your Daniel will see the point of it too. Migraine never gets better if it is left as it is. They only get worse as the sufferers grow older. The exercise is not a bad idea though. Paul is on a stationary bike every day for 20 mins. He doesn’t like it but is sticking to it 😆

  2. Aww …poor you! It’s such a horrible sinking feeling when you realise you’re purse is missing – I’ve done that a few times over the years! I hope hubby is feeling much better very soon! x

    • Hi Wendy! I did managed to recover my card wallet in the end, thanks to a helpful staff at Zara. Nowadays, I don’t carry changes with me and almost all shoppings are paid with my card, without the card, I would have to walk home!😱
      Paul’s headache is gone for now! Dieting and exercising everyday aren’t an easy commitment for him. But he starts to see the huge improvement and feels great about the change. I really must keep eye on him so he won’t slip back to his bad old way because it had happened many times in the past. A man-baby…😞x

      • I know – have you ever left your card in the card machine – I’ve done that SO many times and then panicked in the next shop! I’m glad you got yours back safe and sound xx Poor hubby – it’s not easy making that long term change of lifestyle.. I wish him good luck.. it’s natural to drift back to your comfort zone of ‘bad habits’.. He’s lucky to have you to keep inspiring him xx

      • Me too, Wendy! I did it more than a few times. And also sunglasses, I lost them so many times while getting distracted around the till. It is an easily done error, but the panic afterward, I hate it!😱😱😱
        Paul needs some guard dog like me who can keep a close eye on him, so he will stay straight and narrow. Wendy, I’m not keep inspiring him but threatening him!😈xx

      • Hillarious but it does depend on your ‘perspective’ ‘bully’ or ‘inspirer’ – I’m going with inspirer! (although I suspect Paul may disagree – haha) xxx

  3. Oh dear, it seems that the few little pleasures in life like a smooth, comforting latte are now added to the lengthening list of stuff that can make us poorly. I wonder why humans like coffee so much? Hope your husband stays migraine free and can positively adjust to the food and coffee restrictions. I know what it’s like to be told to go dairy free, cut out the coffee (too acidic) and also go wheat free too. I agree that soya milk is a good alternative, have you tried almond milk?

    • Hi Agnes! Yes, there are so many things he can’t touch now – at least until his migraine is sorted out. He seems to have come off from caffeine-dependency at last. The withdrawing symptom was so horrible, headaches, joint aches, muscle aches, fatigue, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, etc, etc… even though I don’t have headache or high blood pressure or weight problem, therefore, I can eat whatever I fancy, I find it probably a bit cruel to eat cake and coffee in front of him. So I end up eating same stuff with him to give him a moral support (& to make sure he doesn’t cheat!). No, we haven’t tried almond milk yet. Do they taste closer to cow juice than soya? 🐮X

      • No I don’t think the almond milk is particularly like cow’s milk, but somehow it has a texture more like real milk. How very good of you to give both moral and actual support. I hope he gets better soon and feels revitalised enough to stay with the new nutrition regime. It is probably better for long term health – well one hopes so.

      • I have just realised that we finished our very first carton of almond milk without noticing it was almond, not soya! The carton looked kind of similar to soya and I was pouring it over my porridge and rooibos tea, thinking ‘Mmm, the flavour is lighter than usual?…’ Almond milk is definitely more subtle than soya, I say.
        Paul is getting used to the new diet and lifestyle, and has started liking it. His face is visibly thinner, and his tummy is much flatter. And I am liking my almost vegan foods too! Thanks to Google, I am inspired by new vegetables and recipes.😋🥕🥒🌽🍆🍅🍠🥜🍽

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