Eat not, drink not?

‘Now, let’s weigh yourself!’ A weigh-in has become Hubbie’s new morning ritual. Do you know what? He has lost a stone in less than three weeks! We are completely won over by this detoxing business.

Vegan and gluten-free cupcakes we bought at a pop-up stall in Old Street tube station…

Hubbie had a chocolate & peanut butter one and mine was a lemon & strawberry. Gluten-free sponge was a little too dense for my liking but the frosting was divine.
We also drink cups of rooibos tea with soya milk nowadays. Even though my first drink of the morning has to be English breakfast tea with semi-skimmed milk, I tend to drink caffeine-free drink more since Hubbie has cut out the substance altogether. Of course, I sneak out for a mug of mocha sometimes. But I do so less than once a week, so it is not too bad.

Now, I have a question about Matcha latte…

I had a bowl of Matcha latte at Le Pain Quotidian in Notting Hill recently while I was waiting for Bella to be groomed. “Does milk in the latte stop the antioxidant of Matcha green tea being absorbed into my system?” A doubt crept into my head as I sipped the warm liquid from the cup. It is well-known fact that chocolate has to be a dark-chocolate kind if it is consumed for an antioxidant benefit. Dairy, such as milk, hinders the absorption of the substance, therefore, the chocolate has to be eaten alone or with milk-free beverages. ‘So, the Matcha goes down the pan then, nutritions-wise.’ I looked down at the bowl with a mixed feeling.

Please don’t get me wrong because I have no intention of becoming a healthy food bore.

Obviously, Hubbie does have a list of “What not to eat” because of his migraine, and I have to be very aware of the list when I prepare food for him. We happened to come across an advert for a burger the other day, and he sighed, ‘I can’t touch burger & chips for three months, can I?’ Yup, the burger and chips combo is very Migraine-unfriendly. It has refined carb like  a bun – especially, Hubbie loves brioche, red meat, tomato, ketchup, onion and cheese. Chips are also no better if they are made from white potato. ‘I’m sure you can have it once you finish the detox.’ I consoled him.

I am sure he will be a changed man once he completes the regime – more nutritionally-savvy and more in tune with his own body. Then, he will be able to enjoy what life offers with more appreciation and in moderation.

I am detoxed too! At least my fur is clean!

Bella was extra fluffy and extra tired.

Let’s go home, you fur ball! I have lots of cooking to do…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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