Yorkie of Steel

‘Bella never ceases to surprise us, does she?’ Hubbie and I shook our heads in disbelief. 

In front of us, there was a 2lb dumb-bell which was chewed up by our girl Bella. The neoprene fabric around the handle was peeled off by her small but sharp teeth, and it was obvious that the handwright was a write-off.

How did she managed to get her savage fangs into the dumb-bell in the first place? Wasn’t it stored on the lower shelf of the Boby trolley by Hubbie’s desk? However, the article was found on the floor, well away from the trolley. How did it get there?

Bella, did you carry it…?

I placed the dumb-bell in front of her for a reconstruction of the crime scene. 

Show me, Bella. How did you do it?

OMG, she, who weighs less than 3kg, carried away a 1kg hand weight in her jaw!! ‘She is strong, isn’t she?’ Hubbie trotted after her, trying to recover the dumb-bell. But Bella, the Yorkie of Steel, outran him while the weight in her mouth! 

Another victim of Bella’s iron jaw was a nylon cord came with the Amazon Prime delivery…

I am glad that I’m not the receiving end of Bella’s canine entertainments…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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