Bavarian getaway

Before Bella managed to drench her face and paws at the Royal Academy, we visited Waterstones to buy some maps last Sunday.

I was planning a European holiday with my mom sometime this June, and needed large paper maps so I could plot possible route by car.

They will do, Bella.

Yes, I will be driving to Bavaria!

Don’t you worry because I am a seasoned long-distance driver. Enough mileage was clocked up while I was driving for away games, from London to Newcastle, Sheffield, Cardiff and so on. I also took Mr.B and mom as my passengers to Brittany and Paris in the past.

I want to show my mom Romantic Road and Garmisch-Partenkirchen as they are my late father’s favourite places…

I love to see the sceneries which my dad was so impressed and talked about countless times. Mom and I agree that we want to see what he saw so we can feel him closer.

Now, I haven’t decided if I should take Bella with us or not…

All depends on if Hubbie will be coming with us or not. I must start more detailed planning, however, there are still too many “if”s!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

4 thoughts on “Bavarian getaway

  1. Bella’s definitely got the ‘I want to come too’ eyes.. she’ll be sitting in the suitcase next…
    I have some lovely photo’s of the puppies – they’ve opened their eyes now – adorable. I’ll try and post them this week – I’ve been a bit hectic with the transfer to self hosting so am running late with my posts this week.. better late than never though!
    The transfer has gone much smoother than I thought though which is brilliant!

    This sounds like an amazing trip Bella – happy planning which is always part of the excitement! xx

    • Hi Wendy! I had been pulled away from blogging lately as well. I was trying to migraine-proof Paul’s daily life, and it turned out more time & energy consuming than I imagined. So you are getting your own domain? I’m so looking forward to reading your positive entries. And I can’t wait to see your sister’s puppies!!😍💕xx

      • Sometimes life does need to take priority and I hope you’re getting there with Paul’s migraines? I’ll be posting puppies later in the week – SO cute! x

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