Bank holiday recap 1

Hope everyone had a fabulous bank holiday weekend. Even though the weather was on the chilly side, it didn’t rain (or snow!), and therefore, I say it was ok. During the holiday, we ended up not doing much other than driving to Greenwich and taking a walk around Shoreditch and Soho.

On Good Friday, we decided to visit Tall Ships Festival which was held around Greenwich and Woolwich. Despite my objection, Hubbie insisted on us driving there, rather than using public transport. ‘Woolwich Arsenal Pier is miles away from tube stations!’ Hubbie’s right index finger was firmly placed on a Google map on his Mac. Alright, alright, whatever. I was fine with the idea but Bella had another idea, so it turned out.

My pocket-rocket Bella is absolutely fine with travelling on tube or bus. However, she turns into an absolute nutcase if she is on my lap in a co-driver’s seat. I can’t tell you how many times she head-butted my chin while wriggling like a giant eel in my arms! Why, Bella? What is wrong? She was like in a state of panic, desparately wanting to run away. I should have moved to a back seat with her, but I had to assist Hubbie navigating London’s weekend traffic.

Into Blackwall Tunnel while holding threshing Bella in my arms…

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

No, it was not to be. We managed to find Woolwich Arsenal Pier alright. But we couldn’t find any parking space near the festival! After driving along the blocks lined with double yellow lines, I spotted a sign for NCP, ‘Look! There is a car park!!’ Then, another disappointment. The gate was firmly shut, despite sporting the sign “SPACE”, why?! We had to give up visiting Royal Arsenal in the end…

‘Shall we go home then?’, sighed Hubbie as he steered the car towards the main road. ‘Let’s go to Greenwich Park! Bella can stretch her legs.’ I suggested, hoping the walk may calm her down.

Again, we were disappointed. Car parks around the park were choking with cars! Hubbie started to get cranky because he hated driving in a jam. ‘Well, didn’t I tell you visiting Greenwich by car would be a bad idea?’ I reminded him while I held down equally cranky Bella on my lap.

After arriving home, Hubbie headed straight to bed because he was starting to have migraine. And I made myself a cup of tea because my entire body was so stiff from holding wriggly Bella all afternoon.

What a Good Friday it was….

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

3 thoughts on “Bank holiday recap 1

  1. Oh yikes… Some things are just not meant to be… Hope hubby recovered quickly though before you cracked him over the head with the frying pan… haha lol xx

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