Bank holiday recap 2

‘Give me an hour or so. I’ll come with you.’ Hubbie mumbled under his duvet with his eyes half-opened. I just told him that Bella and I were leaving shortly to Broadway Market to say hi to Heza who had a weekly stall there. ‘No, you aren’t coming with us today. You are staying at home to get rid of the migraine.’ It may sounded rather heartless, but who would want a zombie to tag along with you? I wouldn’t. Besides, a nine months old puppy with boundless energy like Bella would naturally bark and run around all day long, and which would make his headache worse. So I justified myself going out with her, leaving Hubbie wrapped up in his duvet.

The market was pretty busy with locals and tourists. It was not very warm but not too windy, and people were sampling street foods and sipping drinks from papercups….

I found Heza at his usual spot, and we chatted for a while. After agreeing to meet up on Friday for a proper catch-up, Bella and I headed to Mare Street to board on a 55 bus. I was concerned about her behaviour during the previous day’s car journey and wanted to make sure she was still happy to travel by bus.

Well, my concern was unfound…

She was happy as punch on her favourite seat!

Look, those petals are beautiful, aren’t they?

She was so chilled out and a completely different girl from the previous day.

I sometimes hold her on my lap during our bus journeys too. Therefore, her distress of last Friday was not related to being held in arms. Why? What was the difference? I was truly puzzled.

We got off at Wardour Street and walked to GAIL’s Bakery, my favourite cafe. I ordered a ham & cheese croissant with mocha and sat at the table on the side street…

Ohhh, I haven’t had this combo for quite a while… Every now and then, there is a moment I just want to eat carb and processed meat with normal coffee even though I also enjoy Hubbie’s detox menu.

On our way home, Bella met a friendly whippet…

Bella was saying to him, ‘You made my day!’

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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