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My apology for abstaining from blogging recently. During the past few weeks, I had been feeling exhausted, like my mind and body were not in sync at all. Ideas of what I want to do and what I ought to do were at loggerheads in my head all the time, and it made me feel bad. ‘Come on, move your lazy a**!’ A drill sergeant in my head shouted at my reluctant half, who just wanted to curl up and do nothing.

Ugh, I have to snap out of this!

So what was the cause of me being so tired and unmotivated? Well, I created this unfavourable situation by myself unwittingly.

I ramped up the intensity of my workout routine recently in order to tone my body, especially upper arms, for the summer, and I ended up overloading myself as a result. Don’t laugh at my vanity because my body does need a serious toning up! I gave up a regular exercise when I was mourning the death of my beloved Mr.B, and during the following autumn and winter months, my days were spent nursing one cold to another. Eventually, I started to feel free from ailments as the weather started to get warmer. It was time for me to embark on a new “Get ready for sleeveless tops” workout regime.

The regime went swimmingly for the first two weeks. I felt great and virtuous. I had a spring in my step when I walked to the office with Bella. My skin was glowing. Lean and strong! I am an epitome of health, I thought.

Then, all the overworking started to catch up with me. It felt like someone was placing a cape made out of lead over my shoulder one layer after another. I started to have less and less energy as I trudged through my workout routine. In the end, I just didn’t want to do anything physical anymore.

In retrospect, I think I overestimated my ability. I was a lot fitter when I was playing ice hockey twelve months ago, and the memory of me then made me unrealistically optimistic about the speed of regaining fitness.

Ugh, taking baby steps is not my thing, I sighed. Yet, I was so moody and irritable when I was at rock bottom with my fatigue. It was so severe that I didn’t even have energy or patience to play with Bella at length. She looked confused, frustrated and sad. What is the point of keeping on punishing myself if it is no longer fun and fulfilling?

So what is your solution?

I will never neglect you ever!

Another thing I have changed about my fitness regime is paying attention to my body more. The amount of the exercises should be increased / decreased depending on how I feel each day. I should never be too tited to be caring to my family and friends.

I also bought this for Hubbie and me…

A free standing punch bag by Lonsdale!! Unlike conventional punch bags which are suspended from the ceiling, this punch bag has a heavy base. Hubbie did countless trips to the bathroom to fill up the base so the punch bag will not topple when he throws heavy punches.

My workout pals…

Boxing gloves, hand weights and water!

Initially, the punch bag was solely for Hubbie’s stress management. However, I have discovered that throwing punches is surprisingly liberating and satisfying. Hitting at it with a timer app downloaded on my iPhone has added fun to my workout routine, and I love it!

Hope it will help me to make my upper arm lean, mean and ripped by the summer…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

6 thoughts on “Body & Mind

    • At first, Bella wasn’t quite sure what we were doing – punching! Then, she started to have a go at our boxing gloves. She thought they were her new toys!😂 Now, she doesn’t care even if Paul makes loud noises as he punches the bag. She is very brave…😆

  1. I’m sorry you’ve not been feeling on top form… maybe it’s something in the air as I’ve been feeling really tired too this last week or so.. hence not too much blogging at my end either… Well to start my ‘get fitter for summer’ regime, I decided to buy a hoola hoop and I really love it and I’m definitely no exercise lover normally. The only problem is that it is a weighted one and has left me full of bruises all down my sides (I’d like to say waist but that’s a bit non existent.. ) but having done the ‘google research’ my daughter in law assures me that my body will get used to it and the bruises will go..
    Poor Bella though bless her.. she needs ‘mummy’s’ full attention!


    • I learnt my lesson, Wendy. I can’t bite more than I can chew. Now, I have adjusted the intensity of my workout plan to something more manageable and realistic, and I feel great.
      So you do a hoola hoop too! I am doing it since the end of March. As your daughter in law says, you will be able to spin it without bruising once you get the hang of it. At the beginning, I could manage to do 15 the most and my waist, hip, thighs and knees were covered with bruises. Then, all the sudden, this eureka moment came to me. I just got the hang of it!! Now, I can do at least 1000 spins without stopping (the longest record so far is 2050!). Be patient and keep trying. Your “Aha!” moment will definitely come. My hoop is also weighed one with dimples too. It gives a nice massage on my tummy and back when it spins around.😁 Bella makes me feel guilty by keeping on bringing her toys by my feet when I am busy with workout. She doesn’t understand that I need “me” time sometimes….😭xx

      • Haha! I’d tried loads of times to hoola hoop over the years and never succeeded but within just a couple of minutes of trying with this weighted one, the penny dropped and I was ‘in the rhythm’… I’m not sure I’ll ever get to 2050 though but I’ll set that as my goal! Dolly hates it too though and slumps down with a very ‘sulky face’… when she sees me get the hoop out! Poor mistreated pooches… NOT! x

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