Vive Nouvelle Première Dame!

France’s new First Lady, Brigitte Macron, is the talk of the town, isn’t she? It looks like all the media, from broadsheets to tabloids, can not get enough of her, and I am loving it! Finally, I have someone who I can identify as a role model when I am growing old.

I don’t know anything in depth about her (yet), but there are many thing I like about her.

First of all, I love her smile…

I like it because her face is not frozen or puffed up (or both!) like many celebrities, including Mrs.Sarkozy.

Even if lenses zero in to her face, she appears comfortable in her own skin. Confident and relaxed…

Unlike another First Lady, Melania Trump, Brigitte’s face is not over-tweaked nor airbrushed. All natural and genuine, that is what I admire about her.

I also love her style…

Dressing for the occasion or casual, her is always chic. She knows what works for her through and through. Youthful, yet sophisticated. Polished, yet relaxed. Oh, how I love the way French women dress!

And look at her physique…

Beautifully toned. No fake butt. Just a lean, mean and svelte body. Ahhhh!

And finally, I love the way she displays her affection to her husband, Emmanuel…

Like two peas in a pod, they seems to be inseparable which I find it very charming. I am also amused by the way she behaves. She seems to be very spontaneous and not at all afraid of showing her feeling towards Emmanuel in public. It is refreshing to see a couple in the political life who are genuinely in love with each other. I am sure her husband respects her and cherishes her, unlike that ex-businessman president, who boosts his sexual assaults against women as his prerogative. No wonder his lady pulls away when he tries his “fake” affection on her!

Madam Macron, I salute you because I myself in my 40s, know how much effort it actually requires for “appearing effortless”. I can imagine she must be toiling behind closed doors in order to achieve what she sports in the full glare of publicity.

Brigitte, you are one remarkable woman who I am so want to know more about you.

Vive Brigitte Macron!!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

3 thoughts on “Vive Nouvelle Première Dame!

  1. Fabulous post! 100% agreement here. Most of all they look like a partnership of equals, they complement each other, totally the opposite of the Trump duo. And, what a marvellous example of an older woman in the full glare of the 21st century spotlight. Oh what a shame all those nasty, grotesque old men that run all the tabloid press can now feel the heat that women aren’t going to be ignored once they turn 40. It’s about time they were called out as the hypocritical, spiteful old dinosaurs they are (Murdoch et al . . .).

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! I agree with you too! Emmanuel and Brigitte must have an amazing relationship. Unlike those chauvinistic pigs such as Trump or Murdoch, who replace their wives like changing cars for the latest models, Mr.Macron seems to genuinely adore his wife. Their display of affection to each other is definitely not fake.
      I am so looking forward to watching how her new role as France’s First Lady will change the present negativity about aging. I am sick of having to emulate being young in order to be attractive. Why can we not celebrate sophistication and wisdom which only comes after maturing? Maybe we should start her fan club! 😁

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