Obagi blues

‘This afternoon, the temperature will rise up to 20°C!’ A BBC weather woman chirped. Finally, bloody finally, the summer is crawling forward, and I can finally stop reaching out for a thermostat on the wall! I performed a twirl of joy in front of Bella and Hubbie.

Must make the best out of the weather, I thought. As Hubbie was in Richmond for a photo-shoot, therefore, my presence was not required at work today, I headed to Knightsbridge with Bella in tow.

‘Too windyyyyyy!’, Bella complained.

‘Are we getting on now?’

The skin clinic I had been using for the past four years was on Old Brompton Road, about 5 minutes walk from Harrods.

I underwent an Obagi Nuderm programme in order to improve my skin at the clinic and had been buying their maintenance products from them ever since.

Obagi was an amazing programme, especially the skin with pigmentation. Apart from my freckles, I also had skin prone to blemish if the environment was too humid or dusty. However, my skin became robust, supple and clear once I completed two months’ of Obagi treatment.

‘Are you thinking about doing another course of Obagi Nuderm?’ A friendly staff at the clinic asked me as she handed over a new bottle of Obagi Clear. ‘Ohhh, I would like to but I’m not ready to go through that experience again yet!’ I sighed.

I wouldn’t mind doing the programme a few times a year if it didn’t disrupt my life so severely. During that two months’ period, I had to live like a hermit, avoiding people and sunlight. The skin on my face was permanently red and itchy, and it was shredding and peeling like crazy by the end of each day. The experience did traumatise me in a certain way, and I was not mentally beefed up to the hardship yet. The staff and I both agreed that undergoing a full-on Obagi treatment during the summer months would not be very practical anyway so I should consider it towards the winter.

Having a hairy face would solve all the problem, wouldn’t it, Bella? I need no Obagi…

This is one place Bella will never be welcomed, you bloody Harrods!

Bella’s predecessor, Mr.B was invited to the place once when he was one year old. The store was advertising a wedding service for dogs (!), and we were participating in the photo-shoot. In spite of us having a permission to enter the place, we had to be escorted in & out of the store with a burly security guard with a stony expression which made us feel very unwelcomed…

Eventually, our slow moving No.74 bus had arrived to our favourite department store, the Selfridges…

We like them because they allows dogs into the store. Even though dogs are not permitted to walk on their floors, therefore, they have to be carried, we can shop together.

Bella fitting in perfectly in my Vanessa Bruno tote…

She seemed to like being carried around in a bag like this as long as she could look around.

After checking over their denim department for Khloe Kardashian’s Good American, we descended to the beauty department on the ground floor. I needed by a tube of Touche Éclat by YSL ‘Aww, what a cute puppy!’ Makeup artists at YSL squealed as they ran their fingers through Bella’s mop. I explained to them that I wanted the concealer to compliment my MUFE stick foundation. Soon, they found a very good match and my missions of the day were complete.

After arriving back to Old Street, I enjoyed a cup of mocha at Shoreditch Grind…

Oh Bella, I have an itchy eye! I hate hay fever…

Do you think having a fringe like yours will help my eyes from a pollen attack?

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

8 thoughts on “Obagi blues

  1. I can see that the lap of luxury for Bella is being transported by hand with a good view, but I was wondering does she prefer the bus to the Tube? I always think that the underground system must be so foreign and noisy for dogs. Mind you most of them I’ve seen on the Tube recently seemed more concerned with being trodden on than all the noise!

    • Hi Agnes, Bella is a real pro when it comes to travelling on public transports, bus or tube. I’m not sure which she prefers more but she seems to be happy with them. One habit I really want her to stop is she rubs her body onto the floor of the ticket hall at Old Street, right in front of the barrier! I don’t know why she does it… On the tube carriage, she falls asleep in my arm. I guess she loves the gentle rocking motion. The only thing she hates is a large pair of window wipers of London buses. Every time they move, she panics and tries to run away! It’s raining today, and I will have to climb up to the upper deck when we go out later so she doesn’t have to see those scary big arms…😓

      • Ah, oh dear maybe she sees the windscreen wipers as a large predatory bird about to swoop down on her. 🙁 It’s hard to know how much of the wild survival instinct is still left in our pets.

      • Normally, nothing ruffles her feather (or mop!). But this wiper business, she really gets frightened every time. I wish if I could explained to her as she is truly panic-stricken in my arms. About her survival instinct/ability, she wouldn’t last a day. Her sniffing is absolutely rubbish. And maybe she is too friendly to fight with others😓

      • Ah yes – I think any major fighting instinct has long been bred out of Yorkies. From your videos it looks like she is still a chaser though – at least of balls and toys if not of horrible rats.

  2. Aww bless her.. the perfect way to be transported round London and well done to Selfridges for allowing you to carry a dog round the store.. I don’t thing the stores in Manchester are quite so ‘accommodating’… they’re more like Harrods! I love this post Bella – it’s cheered up my morning – thanks! xx

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