Prank or frank?

Recently, I encountered a pretty unusual sight on Euston Road. I was on a No.73 bus, gazing out of the window while Bella was having a kip on my lap.

Nothing seems to be out of ordinary, everything is normal, I thought, half daydreaming. However, my eyes went wide open as large as saucers when I took notice of our neighbour, a shiny red HGV which was stationed next to our bus, waiting for the traffic light to change. 


OMG! Am I hallucinating?!

Black stilettos were stuck on the step leading to the cab of the HGV! 

And the pair, they weren’t any ordinary sort. They were shiny black patent leather with sky high heels. A very vampy and dominatrix sort of shoes. What are they doing on there? Who placed them there? Did the driver know about it? Did he do it? If so, WHY?????

Normally, I never take a picture of strangers so overtly but I had to do it…

The driver did notice me pointing my iPhone at him and looked rather annoyed by it. Sorry matey, but I just can’t let you go out of my life without recording this bizarre sight.

Well, this city never ceases to amaze me…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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