May (boring) Bank Holiday

‘Yay! We are on a bus!’

It is hard to tell which mode of transport, bus or tube, my girl Bella prefers. She appears to get a kick out of watching passersby from the window when she is on a bus, and she always has a long leisurely nap when she is on a tube.

Don’t get too excited, Bella!

Sadly, this bank holiday weekend was not a particularly exciting one. Poor Hubbie was snowed under with urgent projects and had to work through the whole three days except nipping out to a local pub for a Sunday roast lunch.

Hubbie’s only high point during the weekend. Tucking into a huge roast chicken at Eagle the Pub…

After a brief respite with half pint of cider, he had to go back to his PowerPoint presentation.

How about me? I’m not even invited to the feast!

Sorry, Bella. I will make sure that next weekend will be more fun and interesting for you. I promise.

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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