Empty-handed Saturday

‘We’ll be home in a few hours!’ I shouted as I walked out of our front door with Bella in tow while Hubbie’s bespectacled profile was firmly fixed to the screen of his Mac. Saturday’s weather was not as summery as Fridsy’s, but it was still warm and dry. It was simply too nice to ignore. Therefore, Bella and I went on a short excursion to the West End.

From Old Street, we hopped on a No.55 from Old Street and off we went…

We alighted at Great Titchfield Steet stop and made a beeline to Benugo.

We love this particular branch of Benugo because they have nice benches on which we can sit together and watch the world goes by.

My recent favourite, the Super Green Courgette Fritter Bowl…

‘I’m not looking at it cos I know it’s not for me…’ Don’t worry, Ben Ben. I have your favourite doggie biscuits in my tote.

I just couldn’t have enough of this vegetarian bowl. It was packed with healthy ingredients, such as pomegranate, seeds, edamame, etc, and very tasty. How I wished if there were a Benugo in Angel. *sob*

After lunch, we headed to Smashbox Studio on Mortimer Street. I read an article regarding their Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick recently and was intrigued by their claim of the lipstick’s staying power. Allegedly, the lipstick could survive through a full French course meal without being retouched! Sounds amazing if it’s true, I thought.

As we approached the junction with Mortimer Street and Berners Street, I started to get concerned. Oh no, not many premises are open! Because it was weekend, many businesses, except cafes and restaurants, were closed. And the Smashbox store was no exception. Oh well, I will try again some another day, I sighed.

Bella, do you think I deserve a mug of mocha for compensating my disappointment?

Konditor & Cook’s pink tables with turfed chairs were too tempting to dismiss…

Do you like the furry chair?

I used to work near Borough Market and their shop there was my No.1 favourite to buy delicious sandwiches and cakes.

Funky, modern and original. That’s why I like them…

Also, their mocha is very tasty too!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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